Musings from the Reaction Gallery – True Colours

Recent days have seen the landscape of my trusted friends, colleagues and loved ones change, and not necessarily for the better.  My heart is an open door and I give freely , as is my way, and at times that door ends up slammed shut.   None of us are exempt from these kinds of changes, from the ever spinning wheel of life that can be  disorienting.  Sometimes,  these changes are eye opening, a peek into the true nature of humanity.  A current of sadness now runs through me, as I’ve just seen that professions of love and respect spoken are not always the true colour of someone’s heart, no matter how much we want to believe the contrary. 

Words. We rarely weigh them, count their costs.  We use them to speak when our voices won’t or can’t. They are a oasis, a shelter, an escape. They are a means of communicating the scales and weights of your soul. They are also weapons whose barbs and blades cause injury to others as well as yourself.  A sharp word can cut, like a knife, and so often we don’t realise that we too, are left bleeding, even as we lash out.

It truly amazes me how many people jump to conclusions without getting all of the information. So many level fingers and drop bombs without being fully informed, as though they choose to remain ignorant of all sides of a story.  Funny thing about pointed fingers;  often you will find one pointed directly back at you, and it truly is a way to make an ass out of you and me when one assumes things.   Almost everything I do is purposeful and thought out, the effort not to offend and save unnecessary hurt paramount because I care and those that truly know me, those that speak of love know this to be true. If I have questions or concerns I will generally go to the person in question themselves, rather than publicly humiliate or embarrass anyone, as I despise it when people do that to me.   Do unto others…..thankfully I’m not made that way, to do unto others as they have done to me.   Instead I wish them all luck and success, and  love and support, words that may fall meaningless from other’s lips, spoken truly from my heart. May your dreams come true. 

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