Pounce by Eveline Hood

The pilot’s barely understandable voice yanks me back from the slightly disturbing dream I’d been stuck in to find my fingers frantically stroking my clit and an orgasm close.  I’ll admit that it been a while, and I fully intended to make the most of this trip.  Surely it was a work trip but there must be someone around that would be able to show a girl a good time.   I pull my hands away and raise them above my head, stretching and scanning First Class, and finding that it was all but empty.   A single body filled a single seat and the curtains were closed, cutting us off from the rest of the passengers.
I rise to my feet to make my way down the aisle, wobbling slightly with the turbulence in my high-heeled shoes, while smoothing down my short skirt that clung to my thighs.  I dressed in hopes that someone would grab me and fuck me in the bathroom or bend me over a couch somewhere, and didn’t feel badly about it at all.   I saw him as I passed,  his appreciative stare made my pussy throb in desire.  I didn’t really  notice what he looked like but what looked like a hard-on a mile long caught my attention and I wanted to straddle his lap and ride it all the way to the next destination.  Tipping  him a wink as I pass, I can  feel the eyes of the other passenger on my ass as I walk away, putting a little more wiggle into my walk  hoping that maybe he might follow.  No such luck and I rub myself off in the bathroom trying to ease the tension before I return to my seat.
The turbulence was worse as I made my way back, once again catching the eye of the other passenger as I drew closer. “I was watching you dream,” he says as I near,  grabbing my wrist and pulling me into his lap.  He wraps his hand in my hair and kisses me,  sticking his tongue into my mouth and licking the roof of my mouth  as his hand grabbed my breast roughly. I didn’t know him,  I didn’t care and I kissed him back ruthlessly, pausing to bite down on his lower lip with my teeth.  “Stand up,” he demands and I do as he asks, my knees clicking together as I tried desperately to hold onto my dignity  and failing utterly as he pushes my skirt up to my hips and buries his face against my tender folds.
I push back against the seat behind me, moaning slightly as he spreads my legs apart and inserts two fingers into my warm moist hole. Oh god it felt so good and I bucked my hips against his mouth, losing myself and sighing loudly. “Not yet.  Get on your knees,” he says, dragging his teeth across my swollen clit. My knees buckle, and I hit the floor with a thud, licking my lips in anticipation. His cock was so hard and it was right in front of me. I take him into my mouth, tongue dancing along the shaft as it hits the back of my throat and makes me gag a little from its girth. It tastes so good and I run my teeth back-and-forth as I suck hard, and feel him lift his hips and thrust again into my throat.  His hand in my hair forces my head down onto his hard rod, and  I find myself drooling as it slides between my lips.   I want to feel him cum,  but he pulls my head back and tells me to stop.   “Go back to your seat,”  he growls stroking his hardness as I rise my feet giving him a sad look.  “I’m right behind you.”
I walk away,  pulling my skirt down around my hips so that the customers in coach don’t see my bareness, and he’s right behind me stopping my hands.  His move all over my body,  stopping to dip into my moistness before rubbing on my clit  and biting my neck.  I squirm under his touch, and gasp he slaps my ass and tells me move.   I walk to the aisle  resting my hands on the seat backs, not trusting my feet to carry me.  I’m hot as hell, and I want him inside me,  but I’m afraid turn around.
The choice is taken from me as I am shoved face first onto the seats, and feel his fingers once again invade my wet pussy.  Breathing hard, each time he pushes into me my breath comes in a huff and I beg for more   “I have something for you. Stay there.” Spreading  my knees further, and resting my forehead against the window, I reach between my thighs, fingering desperately and hoping I can cum  before he comes back or I might die.  My pussy is invaded by something long and hard and cold. The pain is incredible and he begins working in and out of my tight slit.  I try to pull away but he has his hand wrapped tightly around my throat and I can’t move. I can’t breathe,  it hurts so badly.  “Get on your back.”
Whatever he’s been fucking me with slides out and I feel a gush of warm fluid follow it.  My stomach hurts – my insides feel like they’ve been seared with a hot iron. For the first time I notice he’s wearing gloves, and they’re streaked with red. He sits on the seat beside me and holds up a long,  blood soaked knife.   “You’ve made some real enemies,” he says conversationally wiping the blade on my skirt, “Quite creative sorts. They wanted you dead, but thought that you should have some pleasure before you died and you’re such a whore you loved every second of it.” My sight is fuzzy but I hear every word, as my life drips onto the seat and the floor beneath me. “They’ll find you” I said.  A gloved hand strokes my cheek as he chuckles warmly, “No they won’t” and lifts my hand to place the half of the knife in it, “just another mysterious death.”
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The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Slaying you 2015 A Matt Farnsworth Creation Full Fathom 5 Studios
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Slaying you 2015
A Matt Farnsworth Creation
Full Fathom 5 Studios
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