All The Difference by @CynicalMinion

there’s this alley behind the bar i work at.

it’s kinda run-down if i have to classify it.

it’s not a BAD place,

just somewhere folks come to unwind

and slip back into themselves after they’ve been “joe schmoe” all day.

sometimes i envy them that.

stable job, pay, house wife, kids and picketing on the fence…

they come in all the time,

sometimes in groups,

cheering on their sports teams, making the right noises, gestures, cheers…

belonging to something with its own fences, stables, but leave a housewife behind.

sometimes i wonder why the alley back here’s so long.

i doubt anyone else comes back

here unless they’re “coming” back here…

but i like the yellow light…

so that’s the path i take home.

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