When Want Turns To Need

want 1

It only took a day or two for the want to begin.
At the close of each passing day, there was more fulfillment.
With the start of each new day, I longed to feel it again.
The smile his words put on my face.
The way my heart pounded when I saw his name.
The unrelenting butterflies from deep within.
I wanted those feelings more and more as each day passed.

As days turned into weeks, the want increased.
WANTED that flashing light to be him and no once else.
WANTED the butterflies to grow stronger.
WANTED to see his picture before me.
WANTED to hear his voice.
I wanted it all more than I had ever wanted anything else.

Then one day it all changed.
It was no longer only want that I felt.
Somehow it had become a need.
I needed that flashing to be him and only him.
I needed to feel my heart pound like it never had before.
I needed to feel the intensity of those butterflies.
I needed to see him, if only in pictures.
I needed to hear the sound of his voice.
NEEDED those things more than I had ever needed anything in my life.

When did the want turn to need?
How did that line get crossed with no warning?
Doesn’t matter when, where, how or why it happened.
It happened and now want and need have intertwined
And created passion and longing in a truly blissful place.
A place I now have no desire to ever leave.

No matter how many miles in between
No matter how far the distance that separates us
The happiness he brings far surpasses all those miles
The racing heart, the butterflies…the feelings inside outweigh all the negatives
And I have no desire to ever leave this place.

want 2


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