Time can change us
Make us like new
It can define us
Break us in two

Time always tells
Those who remain true
Time can see things
None of us knew

Time is our friend
When our hearts are young
Time is the enemy
When our days grow long

Time is useless
As it goes by
For my heart keeps beating
Though I wish it would die

With each click it takes
My mind plays along
Remembering each memory
Of our love song

Time can heal all wounds
Or make the wounds grow deep
Time is indifferent
When it comes to the weak

Time brings growth
A new spirit within
Slowly I start to see
A new beginning begins

Time, our most precious gift
Sometimes slow, sometimes swift
Gives us wings to fly
When there is nothing left

Time is our friend
I see that now
Cause where there is time
Hope will abound



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