A Moment In The Soul ( A Short Tale)


A moment in the soul can last forever. My moment came in the spring. The air was warm with just a cool light breeze blowing through the grass in the field I call my home. The sun’s bright rays heating up the cool damp ground under my feet. A kaleidescope of colors was set before my eyes, it is loving arranged by the assortment of wild flowers scattered across the field. The birds of the air busy enjoying the cloudless blue sky above.


Yes, Spring was in full bloom the day I met him. The sound of laughter is what caught my attention, it echoed around, like wind chimes blowing in the breeze. I saw him, his blonde hair shimmering like a golden fleece in the sunlight. He came running up to me, to find shelter in my big full arms.

A pretty women with long flowing dark hair was chasing after him.
Calling out to him she said, “Tommy, You’re going to make your mother exhausted.” She reached out and scooped him up, laughing as she covered him in kisses.

Little Tommy struggled to get free from her embrace and she let him down onto the soft green grass. His baby blue eyes, caught sight of me and became wide with wonder and filled with anticipation .

“Mama”, he said. ” Look, a tree.”

“Yes, Tommy Isn’t it beautiful.” She replied.

I watched as his little legs walked over, looking at the majestic beauty that is nature. I felt his arms wrap around my trunk as best as he could and lay his pink soft cheek against my bark.


I could feel the warmth and the love that this little soul radiated towards me. The moment he whispered those words, my heart was filled with love and the connection with man and nature was forever in my soul.

I heard him whisper softly, “She’s Beautiful.”






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