The Party – A Collaboration 18+


The Party


I glance at my watch for what must’ve been the 15th time in the past five minutes, and was, by now, sure that the people I was standing and speaking to were well aware of that I wasn’t paying attention.  “Waiting for someone?” I roll my eyes, and smile in the direction of my good friend Sara as she hands me a drink. “You know you’re my date, but I’d still leave your ass in a second if opportunity knocked,” I said with a laugh, raising my glass in toast to her. At least she giggled, and that look of concern eased some. I really wanted to get the hell out of here; I wanted to find someone to….. My cell phone buzzes against my hip, making me jump and gasp. “Jesus, I felt that vibration over here. That buzz is stronger than my toys. Can I borrow your phone?”   “What? No!!!!”   I was distracted by a text, one that had evidently come from someone in this room.

“Look to your left. In ten minutes, come find me. Don’t say a word “


“Does that smile mean yes?”

I could feel my heart pounding hard in my chest as my eyes scanned the room. Too many devices to tell. So I nod, and feel the blush rising in my cheeks. And a heat rising down below.


“5 minutes. Not a word.”

he _twisted_path_group_party

I begin to drift closer to the door, saying hello and smiling as I “mingle”.  3 minutes, and I feel the nervous energy building, hyper aware that I chose to dress bare under my short party dress in hopes of at least a closet grope or two.  1 minute…..the door is partially blocked by a chair, one heavy enough to make noise should anything be disturbed. I slip behind, turning the knob gently, and ease it open. Unobserved, I step inside the dark room and close the door behind me.

The room smells of cleaning supplies – the janitor’s closet – and I take a few steps forward fumbling with my cell phone to at least turn on the flashlight app. Behind me the door locks and I turn with my heart in my throat to feel a pair of arms wrapping around from behind me. “Not a word. No sound.” His lips are warm against my shoulder, one arm across my torso, the long fingers of his hand on my clit,  pushing me back against him, before pushing me forward, his fingers still stroking me, until I come to a rest, leaning over the boxes against the wall.   Pulling my dress up around my hips, he pushes my thighs further apart, I’m exposed, shivering with want, while he drags his fingertips along my slit,  teasing before invading me with two fingers in and fingering me hard…

I make a small noise and feel his fingers stop, and pull free. Reaching down I frantically begin to rub myself, and feel him push his hard hot length into me with a quiet groan. He takes me hard and fast, hammering until I am ready to shout, and shoot his essence pleasantly inside my body.  He pulls out, and I can hear his zipper.  Turning around, I straighten my dress and hope my makeup is on right, when his lips land softly on mine, and his fingers slip inside the bodice of my dress.

“Midnight. I’ll see you then.”

Leaving me barely a moment’s view before he is gone, he walks out the door.   Peeking out, I see no one, and head for the washroom to clean up and to see what he left me.  A hotel room key.

I’m so glad I let Sara talk me into coming.

the _twisted_path_group_party

It was time, midnight was fast approaching and I could feel my heart beating faster as I felt to see if the key was still there. It was and I was ready to make my way to the hotel. Sara tips me a wink as I decamp.

The hotel is very dark and only lit up by a small dim lamp as I open the main door and step inside. There was no one at the desk, and the lobby is fragrant – a sweet smell, and a pleasant musky scent that was strange and kind of left a taste in my mouth. I followed the signs to the elevator, anticipation making the dampness between my thighs grow, and found the room. The electronic lock clicked as I inserted the key that unlocked the door and walked in.

The room was painted deliciously red by the lights, the shadows drawing lines on the walls by the coloured bulbs. In the corner, I see him standing and watching, his hand toying with his hardness through the open zipper of his pants. Once again he doesn’t speak, but gestures me closer. I walk over to him, not sure what to expect and not caring as he takes my hand and places it on his erect penis.

Moving my hand, I stroke up and down, feeling him twitch in my palm and keep eye contact as I do. He then places his hand on the back of my head and pushes me to my knees to his cock, and keeps his hand wrapped in my hair as he fucks my mouth. The feeling is intense, and he tastes so good that my mouth waters. Lost in his own pleasure, he fills my throat and at times I feel I like I’m going to choke, but I want more and more and purposefully drag my teeth gently along his sensitive shaft with each thrust.

the _twisted_path_group_party

Frantically, I slide my hand inside my knickers, and brush my fingers across my engorged clit, groaning around his cock as they find my moist tunnel and keep time with his movements. He stops, pulling my hair so I am looking up at him, and pushes me to the floor, kissing me with a fervour that I gladly returned. I could feel the head of his cock pushing intently on my sex, making me squirm with need. I wanted him back inside me and I pull him closer, this time wrapping my legs around him.

Moaning with delight, I feel my pussy pulsate with pleasure as he drives deep, growling in my ear, his stiffness moving in and out of me with such power and passion that I explode as he comes hard, feel his hot juices coat my pussy walls deliciously. For a new moments we lay panting, sated. His lips find mine and he rises, and without saying a word leaves. I didn’t mind.

The street was busy, the smell of cigarettes and weed strong in my nose. I needed to find Sara, and thank her for forcing me to attend. I feel eyes on me, and see the secret smiles. In the crowd Sara spots me, and beckons me back to the party, and I do, confused at the crowd gathered, most laughing and shouting crude comments at the scene playing on the large screen TV.

It was of me and my encounter in the hotel room.

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The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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