Joy Ride by Melissa’s Dark Angel

It was on the long drive home from my killing spree, deep in the hills,
where campers were filled with pot smoking sex freaks
and the quiet ones that did not speak.
Oh yes, I partook in these joyous times,
but I dont think they saw Satan’s daughter before them
as I stood nude around the camp fire chanting
only demons and witches knew what I was saying…
the crowd stared at me cheering me on.
My sword of justice I kept near me at all times
I picked it up and fucked this one crack whore with it
ripping her slit to the top of her head.
The campers were too high to see what was actually happening,
they clapped like retards… this was my chance.
Satan told me do them all in on good sweep… except the quiet ones.
So I called upon my stoner friends, told them to get naked,
how they’d love the sweet treat I had for them.
They all stood in around me,
I loved my sword of justice,
hands out I said, take one last look at the person thats next to you
and swung my sword around and took their heads right off
clean cut to the bone….
blood spraying all over me like i was in the shower…
I think I came on the sight of the bloody scene.
The quiet ones stood baring razor sharp teeth and hissing
you’re one of us now.
I got in my car naked, bloody as hell
and it was the best JoyRide home

Dark Angel



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