The world is dark and full of teeth,
It’s cold breath nipping at my heels I’m running as fast as I can.
Must get away, the Will-o-Whisps urge
But my body hurts and there are too many trees,
too many eyes, and none of them mine.


I hear them calling,
their voice is Legion and they sing
Sing like the Angels, a beautiful lie.
I followed the siren song, drifted, or was led to this place
To this hell


This tree is solid and soft, yielding,
My fingers sink wetly into it’s roiling bark.
My fingers are knuckle deep in maggots and I fall on my ass,
pushing away with my heels digging long deep divots in the earth.


The smell.
Damp and rotten,
a miasma of decay that I can taste with each breath.
Why am I here, oh no, they’re coming


Whispers and laughter – it crackles like lightening
They found me and I am afraid
Legion, they growl and snap and drool
These Misbegotten beasts
They lunge at my soul


They drip venom in my ears
Poisoning my mind as they simper,
scamper around this chilly hell I’m in.
And shriek when my nails test out my throat



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reaper 99

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“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
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