Karma in the First Degree by Matthew Benton

There was once a boy named Kellin. He had a great life. He was dating the love of his life, had the perfect family, and more friends than you could imagine. One day at school he was talking to a friend and realized something was different. His friends were more distant than normal.  He asked his friend “Hey, what’s going on? Why is every ignoring me?” His friend replied “What do you mean?” Kellin looked down and said “Everyone is ignoring me and I don’t know why.” His friend shrugged and just walked away.

He wasn’t too affected by it until his family started treating him the same way. The only person he felt like he could turn to was the love of his life, Aubrey. He asked her “Baby, what’s wrong with me?” She grabbed his hand and said “I don’t see anything wrong with you. Is there something wrong?” As he looked to the ground and tears ran from his face, he said “Everyone’s treating me different. I’m losing friends and family and I don’t know why.” She hugged him lightly and said “I’m sorry. Maybe you should ask them why.”


“I tried, but no one would give me an answer.” As her phone rang she stood up quickly and said “Well I’m sorry to hear that. I have to go.” Kellin asked “Who is that calling?” She replied “Oh..some friends from school.” He stood to give her a hug, but before he knew it she was already walking away. He just sat back down and covered his face with his hands.

Time went by, and nothing changed. He had grown used to the idea of losing everyone. He thought things were going to change for the better. He decided to drive to Aubrey’s house to give her a surprise anniversary gift. He had his friend’s gun with him so he could return it to him after he left his girlfriends house. As he neared the house he noticed an unusual car in the driveway. He walked in the front door and went up stairs. When he opened her door, he dropped everything he was carrying. There she was, in bed with someone else. He couldn’t say anything. His heart was broken. He was numb. She took one look at him, tensed up, and jumped up from the bed. She said “I’m so sorry, it’s not what it seems.”


Without a word, he turned and walked out of the room, down the stairs and out the door. He sat in his car, not knowing what to do next. After she put her clothes on, she came running outside to his car. She tried to open his door, but he locked it. She was yelling “Baby, I’m sorry!” to the top of her lungs. He looked in the passenger seat at the 44. Magnum. He picked it up, pushed the mag out the side and counted the bullets. As he put the gun to his head she started beating on the glass. A tear ran down his cheek and fell, and he pulled the trigger.

At that moment, as she saw him all over the other side of the car, she realized that his blood was on her hands. As the neighbors came running from their houses, she fell to her knees, put her head in her hands, and cried. She realized she had lost the person she knew she loved deep down, but she had chosen to cheat on him. As an ambulance arrived, the other guy came out of the house. He turned to her and asked “Same time tomorrow?” She told him to never come back, even though she knew it was already too late. And that no matter what she did, there was no fixing what happened. She could never change what she did to him.


A month went by. She felt worse than she ever did. She didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t go out with anyone. The only thing she could remember was his face before he pulled the trigger. She remembered the pain in his eyes as he held the gun to his head. She then realized how much she missed him, how much she loved him, and that he was her one true love. But it was too late for any of that, the pain she had inflicted on him would now be hers. She would know his misery, how he felt, ten times worse.


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The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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