Passion kills – A Collaboration

Chapter 1

The cops are everywhere and closing in. There no way out and we’ve just done one hell of a shootout.  There were bodies and blood everywhere.  I have to laugh; Even if this is the end, I don’t care it’s,  been a ride I will never forget nor will anyone else come to that. So there we are,  trapped.  There must be a way out…. it cannot end like this. “Hey baby what you doing? What happening?”  I looked over and could not believe it.  Here we are,  in this shootout and Baby is sucking on some dead guy’s dick.

“What the fuck you doing?!”  I yelled and she looked up.   “Oh sorry,  he just looked so nice with his throat all cut open and his leg shot off from the knee…. oh by the way great shooting Hun, that I had to see what his dick was like.  And, well,  it looked so good I had to.” Jesus fucking Christ.  How the fuck did we get in this mess.

I was the only son and sort of lost child who wanted his own life,  to be just me,  myself, that all. Both my parents wanted the best from me but I guess I could not give them what they wanted.   I sat alone each night, had no friends at school.  I was always the butt of jokes and bullied, kicked every day. I hated those cunts with passion.  I told myself that one day I would take them all out and their families,  make them all pay for putting me through shit each day.   But in their eyes they could do nothing wrong, they were sweet kind children and I could do no right. Yeah like fuck.

To be honest sometimes I did not care,  as I hated it all life and mixing with a bunch of self low life losers who were just out trying to impress made it worse.  Impress who I’d still like to know, but no matter,  it would never make a lasting impression on me. Like I said, my parents tried,  but it was not the life for me.  I had passion for the dead and the demons that once walked the earth.  I studied them day and night, trying to work out how to bring them back.  I had the power to do this –  it felt so strong at times and I knew that I could have it all,  make it happen and knew that one day my time would come.


On returning home from school one day, I was met by my mother and father.  Behind my back they enrolled me into summer school.  They thought it was best for me to go, try to make friends,  and see if I can have a more of an understanding of others.  I could not believe it.  Summer Camp? Summer School or whatever the fuck it’s called was not for me. But on the bright side it got me away from them and summer with them is shit and would be again this year. For some unknown reason I felt that this was going to be fun.  I kind of liked the idea as I thought more,  as there would be no bullying, no jokes because no one knew me, and yet though I still felt alone, deep down this power I had found had started to give me a passion to explore and a strong interest in girls.  Yes I was looking forward to this and to enter Summer Camp with fire.


The day came and off I went. There was this big sign Camp Hell and Riding School that brought a smile to my face as I looked.   In front I saw this kind of rundown wooden hut,  and I felt a warm feeling that there was something else happening,  something that was beyond my control,  a kind of meant to be. There were a bunch of kids waiting and we got paired up.   That was fine with me as I was with this girl. She was good-looking and had a great pair of tits but the main thing is she was white,  I mean white, very pale and dressed all in black with a look of sheer evil and the kind of woman that I wanted to have.  I knew right then, that there was some kind of attraction between us and something very strong.  She looked at me and there was this demon there with her and that is all she would talk about. The power and her will take over and make things happen and how much she hated life in those in, hated it more than me.


One day on some nature walk,  we slipped off from the group.  We walked a ways and came across a pile of dead mice. There must have been ten if not more,  all torn up, some chewed to bits and they were just left there in,  a bloody mess. It was cool.  I liked looking at them, seeing their insides and tails. Baby knelt down beside them and started to touch and move them around,  playing with them and moving their mouths up and down as she talked in a silly voice. It was great and so funny I joined in, pulling their tails off.  I stood on one of them and as my foot went down all of its insides came out of its ass.  It was great and it got Baby all turned on and hot.  She took of her top and started to rub the mouse blood and guts all over her tits.  It was amazing to watch.   She called me over,  picked up a handful and with a hungry look, placed them in her mouth.  She reached up and, took out my cock and started to suck.  The feeling was very strange,  as at times she would gag and all the blood and guts would just fall out of her mouth.   After,  we cleaned up and lay together,  just looking up to the sky without saying a word .

The following days were more fun as we would go in search for more dead animals,  each time we would feed each other and cover ourselves in their blood and flesh.  Just enjoying our passions together  and exploring each other’s bodies with the blood of the dead animals, each time calling on the demons to come forward and fulfill our desires of death, lust and love.  This went on over the next couple of weeks, each time was better than the last.

Then one day as we were walking,  a horse rushed past us with great speed.  The rider was trying to control it but lost it and fell.   I ran over to her and saw she was bleeding quite badly from her head but was still alive.   I looked at her and felt a desire to touch and did.  It was so erotic as I was feeling her. Baby came over and looked at me in a way I had never seen before, a smile of pure evil, and we ripped into her like animals,  tearing her clothes off and ours until all three of us were naked.  I kissed the women fully on the lips,  followed by Baby. Baby then dragged her body over to some trees and tied up her arms. When they were stretched out over this hanging branch,  she told me lay under her and then lowered her down so I could lick her pussy.   It was great having my tongue deep in her, and I was very excited.   Baby grabbed my dick roughly, and wanked me very hard and fast.  It was kind of painful but the pleasure was incredible as I continued to lick.   I did not know that Baby had a knife in her pocket. I felt her body shake and twitch and felt very wet all over my face and chest.  I stopped and looked down.  I was covered in blood.  Baby was cutting open her throat.  I grabbed her and told her to drink the blood, then I went behind Baby and fucked her so hard and with each pump I would pull hard on her hair, snapping her neck back.  When all was done, Baby laid her down and kissed her once again, placing a rose beside her.


Chapter 2

My name is Anassa and I am the sole daughter of the seventh son of the seventh son. My birth was to begin a new era in the family, some kind of prophecy that I personally think is utter bullshit.  Instead of the prince they all expected, they got me, fair-haired and already outcast in a family of black-eyed, black-hearted, for lack of a better term, people.  I learned early what it meant to fight, for everything, down to food and a blanket to cover me on the frigid nights.  My mother couldn’t save me. They let her continue his existence until I was 5, and self-sufficient in caring for myself, all but food that is.

On my fifth birthday I was given the traditional bath, in a new ceremonial basin, so that I wouldn’t taint the sanctity of the ancient one.


My mother, worn to little more than a husk after her edges had been worn smooth over the years, smiled at me, as she lay spread eagle on the great stone slab, her legs spread, between them wide and glistening in the candle light.  They took her, each pushing the hardened part of them into her hard enough to choke her screams with each entry.  Over and over, until her voice cracked and she only wept, shackled.  The heavy weight of a knife was placed into my hands, and I was lifted, placed aside her, and told what to do, or I’d suffer the same fate.

She was my first kill, my only so far, and I did it out of love and mercy.  That day I spent the last of it as I slit my mother’s throat, and kissed her flushed cheek, and turned the knife on myself, burying it deep into the flatness of my left breast.  I survived, and was revived, reborn as I was bathed in my mother’s blood, her vitality mine.  The thirteen that participated in her desecration would pay.  Fools. They are all unworthy of my benevolent nature. They’ll pay for sending me here; to this mundane corner of forested hell too, yet another effort to break my spirit.

My minder demands I remove myself, muttering under his breath and calling me demon, as he pulls to a stop beside a worn and plain wooden shack.  The electricity in the air made my minder’s hair stand on end, and his cock harden in his snug jeans.  I was starving and pinned him against the shack wall, wriggling against the protrusion with increasing need. He gave in, for a moment, kissing me hard and grabbing my ass to pull me closer to his average manhood.  Camp Hell and Riding School? I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my lips, as this image came to mind and what power I felt.


Maybe it wouldn’t be horrible after all, with a name like Camp Hell it couldn’t be all bad, and I could use a good….My minder shoved me away, practically running to the trunk to retrieve my bags before bidding me ill wishes and sending up dust clouds as he sped away.  And that is when I spotted a delightful creature standing apart from the sheep, glaring around at the crowd with a sneer. I could feel his eyes on my face, crawling and fondling my tits with imaginary hands that made my blood boil.

From the moment I lay my eyes on him, I knew, so did my monster.  This one seemed to be the most intelligent of the innocents here. Hardly innocent at all, his eyes gleaming with unspent darkness that cried to be set free. I could help him with that and had full intentions of doing so. Oh my monster, she practically came with excitement the first time our glances flowed sensuously over each other.  His eyes lingered on my tits for a long, unrepentant moment, curving and fondling them before meeting mine. His interest was evident, in his stare, in his pants.   How lucky for me that we were paired together.  At least something good would come out of my forced confinement in this dumb ass camp.
the_twisted_path_group_passion_kills He approached me with a grin that would make most girls feel preyed upon, his eyes on mine, introducing himself as Nick.  His eyes darkled and danced in the sunlight. I realized breaking the covenant will be easier than I expected, innocent but for the invasions I suffer at the hands of those who will pay dearly for it.  Virginity, stolen, yet I remained unbroken, until, that is, the end of this summer.  Then I will be taken often, filled with the seed of thirteen, and bear them more of the same, disgusting creatures until I die, as Mother did.  I will unleash what they seek to control early, and wreak havoc against those who deserve to die. Nick  will help me.
The demons that run this place, though minor ones at that, and I wondered if this was purgatory for them, set forth yet another torturous activity, forcing us from the happy if awkward interior of our temporary dwellings into the light.  Naturally, the jeering about my white skin and blonde hair commenced, along with the whining of spoiled teens. I glanced at Nick, letting my monster peek out at what squalor I was residing in, and hissed, loudly, throwing my hands up to my face as the sun’s rays stroked my skin with its smile. Nick brushed against me as he passed, his hand lightly touching mine and loped ahead slightly.  I could feel the heat as monster twisted inside me, a smouldering and confusing fire that made my usual resting bitch face crack into a small smile.
The demons offered sustenance, and I take it but feel ill.  I’m hungry but for less civilized tastes, and a far less discerning palate.  A hike, they say and I shudder to think that my pale skin will be marred with colour or worse, burned and reddened. I already know I’m the devil; I don’t have to fit their vision of it too. The scent of death and blood hangs like an arrow in the air and I feel my mouth fill with water, unable to help myself, I follow the delicious fragrance and feel Nick behind me.  Glancing over my shoulder, I see him smile, slow and mean, human and not.  I preferred the not and let him come with me. Should he not run, I would let him take me, break me, and reign hell on all.


An animal had found a large nest of mice, not long before, and had torn up the vermin, leaving little more than bits of fuzz and entrails. It didn’t matter, I didn’t need much.  Nick was bending over the gory mess with interest, his hands on his knees and staring with rapt attention, and I was afforded a better view of what the other females were calling his “hot ass”.  It was, indeed,  and I reluctantly pulled my gaze away, and fell to my knees beside him.  I made a pantomime of mice heads, moving their tiny mouths as I spoke for them, laughing as Nick joined me, ruthlessly pulling the tails off the mutilated carcasses and even stepping on one, slowly until its insides were out.
It was hot out, and I was becoming aroused, my nipples chaffing against the material of my shirt, and I chose to give him a show, and removed my shirt, giving him a full view of my breasts as I began to smear the bloody guts of the mice on my chest. Nick stared, his tongue slipping out to wet his lips,  his own arousal evident.  Absently, I began to fill my mouth with what I needed to avoid sickness, my eyes on the hard ridge of his cock, and reached up to release it.  I wanted that too, and rose to my knees so that I could take him into my already full mouth.  Nick started, tried to pull away until I began working my lips and tongue as some of the entrails slid down my throat.  I gagged occasionally, when his thrusting tip rammed hard against the back, and let the gore slide out, down his manhood.  I could hear him groan. When he’d had his fill, we wandered quietly to the stream that ran nearby, to cleanse ourselves of what others wouldn’t understand.  “Baby,” he says, and I looked up, and took his hand.  We lay together, hip to hip, hand in hand and stared at the sky, in comfortable silence.


In the weeks that followed, we were given many opportunities to run, to experience love and lust in the cover of day, and under the blanket of night. Nick would let me feed him bits of the dead beasts we discovered, purifying him further for his journey into my world.  For me, it became less about the ritual, and more about the ravenous desire, and each time we came together, and devoured each other was more satisfying than the last.  I’d like to keep him, if those who remain loyal accept it, those who belong to the thirteen.  If not, I will murder each and every one of them as their family member watches.

The Sabbath day, Nick and I had stolen away to confer. I intended this to be the day the tides changed and I wanted him to know.  He nodded occasionally, but spoke not at all, turning his head as the heavy sound of a horses hoof beats pounded towards us.  He pulled me to him as the horse thundered by, it’s rider desperately trying to regain control.  She fell, hitting her head with a hollow thud and a scream that was cut off suddenly. Nick ran to her, his eyes crawling over her immobile body with an expression I recognized. She was bleeding, but not profusely, from her head, and I reached to touch its warmth.  It was rapidly cooling on my fingertips as I turned my head to look at Nick.

She looked delicious and I wanted to touch her. He kissed her, his tongue probing her mouth as his hands squeezed her ample breasts rhythmically, then placed his hand on the back of my neck, kissing me hard.  I growled and kissed him back, before shoving him away and coaxing the runaway equine closer. I wanted the ropes she had tied to her saddle.
The woman was light and I dragged her between two nearby trees, removed her clothing and tied her arms to the trunks, so that she resembled a breathing rag doll.  I took my time, first undressing myself and ravaging her body until she moaned in her unconsciousness.  Nick was on me, breath hot on my neck. I told him to lie under her, and then lowered her to his face, and watched as once again her unconscious body quivered and panted.  I pleasured him, stroking his hardness roughly.  Our toy reached the end of her usefulness and with the sharp blade of my pocket knife; I slit her throat, covering him with her hot blood. He flew into a rage, slipping out from under her and Nick grabbed me hard, pushing my mouth to her neck, making me drink as he pushed into me, finally.


He called me Baby, and I preferred it, especially now, with him growling and pulling my head backwards with each hard thrust.  I love it when he’s like this, turned on and jealous, perhaps angry. I truly didn’t care, as long as he fucked me like this,  I’d switch off my mind and be his sex toy. He pulled out, and pushed me to the ground, grumbling about how I wasn’t paying attention, and then stood, staring at me with such rapt interest it began to make me nervous.

“Stop it Nick. What’s the matter big boy? And wipe your chin, you’re drooling.” He was, salivating like a hungry dog confronted with fresh meat and raking his eyes over my body, lingering so long that I began to feel a cold thread begin to wind its way around my chest.  “Baby,” he says, his voice low and raspy, “Baby,” as he drops to in front of me and beacons me closer with a long thick finger, its nail perfectly rounded and sharp-looking.

The frozen thread of dread and arousal continued to wind its way tighter around my lungs, making me pant and gasp, but still I ventured closer, my eyes trying to read his intentions as I did so.  I could see her mutilated corpse, hanging there, legs spread like some brazen slut who couldn’t get enough, even in death. I understood, and lifted my hips as I pulled him on top of me, rubbing my wetness over the stiff head of his hardness, gasping as the pleasure took me.

Still feeling that she was the one that gave us the full life that we now have, after love,  I released the ropes.  She fell  and  I laid her down once again and placed a rose in her hair.


The destruction of Camp Hell was easier than we imagined.  Nick ran crazy, snapping necks and fulfilling his darkest desires as I watched, and took my own pleasures, disembowelling each one with the strange knife I’d found in the demon’s cabin.  I could hear Nick huffing behind me and stared in wonder at the carnage that lay around us. “Baby, “he said, and smiled,  “let’s get out of here and kill our parents.”

Dark One - Majesty


The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC All Rights Reserved

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