First Kiss by Amber McCrea

first kiss 1

Approaching the door, she hesitates

Unsure whether to knock or just turn and walk away
Before she can change her mind, the door opens
She looks up to finally see him face to face.
Almost instantly, their eyes lock together
And immediately the rest of the world disappears
He reaches out to her, taking her hand in his
He pulls her close, wrapping his strong arms around her
Squeezing her tighter and tighter, their bodies mold together.
Her knees start to go weak at finally being so close to him
She had imagined this moment countless times
But nothing she had envisioned could compare to THIS.
He pushed her away slightly so he could see her again
Softly smiling, he touched her face.
Placing her hand over his, she squeezed as tightly as she could.
Then reached up to touch his face
that handsome face she had only seen in pictures until now.
Taking a deep breath, his scent fills her nostrils.
The smell of him is deeply intoxicating and her knees again go weak.
Holding his gaze with her own, she traced his lips with her thumb
Sliding her hands around his neck, she pulls him down closer to her
She stretches upward slightly, closing her eyes before their lips meet
first kiss 3
A million thoughts dance in her head in that brief lapse of time….
The overwhelming butterflies in her belly begin to disappear
No longer any reason to be nervous
Nothing else to be afraid of
There is nothing but them and this moment.
Nothing else matters at all…..
Their lips finally meet in a soft, sweet, gentle kiss.
She pulls back slightly so she can look at him again
He slowly opens his eyes and the look there penetrates her to her very core
He leans down to kiss her this time, gently at first
Then it becomes increasingly more passionate
Grabbing her at the waist, he pulls her firmly against him
She can feel the muscles in his body tensing as he presses himself harder against her
She feels every inch of his well muscled body
Every single inch…….
Stepping back, he releases her from his arms
He pulls her completely inside the doorway before closing the door behind them.
She doesnt turn back around, just hears the lock on the door turn
He then steps back in front of her, taking her hands in his own
She begins to nervously tremble as he guides her down the hall
Anxiously anticipating what he has in store for her on this already perfect night.
first kiss 2












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