The Interview Series: Part Four: Things Get Interesting

Author Note: This was a collaboration effort with my best friend Carolyn Graham, without her this chapter wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you so much! Also there is some kink factors in this chapter so please read with caution. Again no unicorns were hurt doing the writing process, with the exception of rides during breaks. This is purely fictional and I own no one except my OC. With that being said, please enjoy.

It had been a few blissful weeks since Tom had practically staked his claim, telling me that I was his. It was pure caveman, and I fucking loved it. Never before had I had someone who took control like that, where I didn’t have to constantly guess where we stood with each other.

Tom had just finished filming Crimson Peak, and had been hanging out at my place. One night, as we were eating dinner, I finally asked what he was going to be doing next, seeing as I was going to be moving back to the States soon.

He had asked me if I wanted to go on vacation with him to Tahiti, which comepletely blind-sided me. I was not prepared for that. I guess for me, it was one thing if he wanted to go by himself…but the both of us going…wasn’t that something that normal couples did?

Well, I won’t bore you with the details, but it ended up being one of our first fights…if you could even call it a fight…it was more like a heated discussion. He apparently kept thinking that I didn’t want to go with him period, but I just didn’t want to cause any kind of P.R. nightmare with the press and what not. I wasn’t the kind of girl that wanted to be in the spotlight, I was okay with being in the background. If I’m being completely honest, I’m not the kind of person you put on speaker phone if you are out in public.

I was finally able to resolve the issue by suggesting that he go ahead and take his already booked flight to Tahiti, and I would book a seperate flight. That way there wasn’t going to be any kind of issues with the paparazzi hounds. Granted my flight would leave a couple days after his, but that was just a minor setback, and it apparently seemed to appease him.

So…here I am…at the airport in the luggage claim area…in Tahiti. Have I mentioned that I really don’t like flying? Like really dislike flying? The only thing that kept me from going insane was Tom’s promise of sex, lots of dirty filthy sex.

After grabbing my luggage, I made my way out to where the families were waiting for their loved ones. I knew better than to expect Tom to be waiting there fore me, I actually prohibited him from showing up. But that man still somehow managed to one up me, because there off to the side was his assistant Luke, holding a sign with my name on it. The sight before me was quite hysterical. I made my way over to him, trying to supress a chuckle.

“I can’t believe he managed to rope you into this. I hope he’s paying you extra for this.” I said as I gave him a one armed hug.

“You’ve met the man, can you acutally tell him no? Trust me, he’s definitely paying me extra. Just so you know, he’s waiting for you in the car.” Luke snickered as we made our way to the exit. Luke was incognito, wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses (The classic celebrity disguise). I looked around and noticed that people weren’t paying us any mind, to which I was grateful for.

“Are you afraid to leave him to his own devices, Luke?” I giggled as he led the way to the black SUV parked a few feet away from the airport entrance. My question caused him to give a big-boisterous laugh.

“With him, you don’t give him that kind of power…you never know what he could get into.” I smiled and nodded in agreement. As we reached the SUV, Luke took my bag from me as he popped the rear window open, telling me to go ahead and get in. As I reached for the door handle, I became nervous again, like that night I had invited Tom back to my place.

Why am I suddenly so nervous? Was I afraid all this was going to turn into one huge mistake? Pull yourself together woman, and get in the damn SUV!

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to one of the most glorious sights I had ever seen. Tom was sitting in the back seat, phone in hand, wearing casual clothes. His normally perfect hair was out of place, relaxed and unkept. He was sporting sunglasses as he embodied the word, relaxed. He turned his attention to me, smiling that ridiculously perfect smile. The one that could melt the panties off a nun.


I bit my lip smiling as I climbed inside, shutting the door behind me. I didn’t really have time to get situated before I was pulled over to him, his hands going into my hair as his lips sought after mine. I couldn’t help but groan into his mouth. Had I been more aware of my surroundings instead of being focused on the feeling of Tom’s lips and tongue…I would’ve been embarassed.

He pulled away, nipping at my lips as he rested his forehead against mine. It took me a moment to gather my thoughts before I spoke.

“So, I take it you missed me, huh?” I smiled as I looked into his eyes. There was a gleam to them. It was like if you stared into them for a long period of time, you would literally lose all sense of time. And probably you’re clothing as well.

“You have no idea, darling. Just wait until we reach the room.” He whispered, his voice full of dirty promises. I felt his breath blowing across my face, causing my heart rate to pick up. He looked away from me to look forward to Luke, gesturing to him that we were ready to leave with a slight nod. Luke turned to the driver,

“Take us back to the hotel, mate. Please try to be discreet if you can.”

Oh holy fucking hell…I wonder what awaits me one he gets me back to the hotel…would I survive this?

Once we made it to the hotel, I could feel every eye on us as we walked through the lobby to the elevator. Both men and women were giving Tom the “sex” look, you know the one…where when you see soeone who just oozes sex, and you can’t take your eyes off them…yeah, that look. I was thankful that no one was really paying attention to me, like I was just part of the background.

Once we entered the elevator, Tom pushed the button, not really looking at it as he stared intently at me, causing my heart to jack hammer against my chest. When the doors closed, I was able to notice that we were not the only ones occupying  the elevator. I could feel the sexual tension like electricity sparking between us, and if anyone were to really pay close attention, they would be ignited right along with us. The elevator came to a stop as some of the bystanders exited. I chanced a glance at the button that Tom had lit up, his floor was the next stop.

When the elevator dinged annoucing we had reached our destination, Tom grabbed and squeezed my hand as he pulled me through the hallway towards his room. The tension between us rising to a boiling point as he fumbled with the card key to open the door.

Once inside, he gave me no warning as he quickly turned me around, pushing me against the door. He held my hands at my sides as his knee rose up and pressed tightly against the wet spot between my legs.

Thank God I decided to wear that summer dress…go me!


He gazed at intently at me as he spoke, “Things are going to be quite different tonight, darling. But never fear…I’m going to fuck you senseless and you will be nothing but a puddle by the time I’m done.”

Dear Playgirl…this one time…

I barely managed to squeak out a “Yes Sir” as I felt myself getting wetter by the moment. He didn’t bother with the lights as he led me to the bedroom, sitting me down on the edge of the bed.

“Stay there.” He commanded. No way in Hell was I going to move an inch.

I noticed a flame flicker as he began to light the several candles he had positioned around the room. I heard the clinking of ice and the pop of a cork. Tom returned handing me a glass of champagne, which I downed quickly, not bothering to sip it. He placed a small bag on the dressed, pulling two long silk scarves and blindfold out of it.


Sitting down on the bed, he positioned me to stand in front of him as he turned me around, unzipping my dress and relieving my of my bra. My breathing was harsh as I felt him reach around with both hands to grab my nipples, pinching and twisting them.

Holy Mother of Christ…I nearly came right then…but I held back…like a good girl.

I noticed he hadn’t spoken much as he stood up, pushing me gently down on the bed. He hovered over me as he used each scarf to bind my hands to the headboard and gently place the blindfold over my eyes.  I felt him lean over me, his breath caressing my ear as he whispered,

“Tonight I want to heighten your senses, my little pet. I want your lips to form no words, the only thing I do want to hear are any pleasurable moans that escape those sinfully delicious lips of yours. If at anytime you think I’m going too far, you can use the safe word, yellowthat is the only word which you will be allowed to utter. I myself will refrain from speaking as well. Now…let us begin.”

Well, it was nice knowing you folks…be sure to visit my grave sometime.


When I felt his body leave the bed, the wave of emptiness closed in on me. I could hear him walking about the room, rustling like clothing being discarded alerted me that he was undressing. Fuck! I wish I could watch him undress.

I heard the ice rattling again, and what sounded like him drinking as I imagined him licking his lips. I am so fucking dead.  Then things were eerily quiet for a moment, causing me to wonder if he had left. Then I felt his weight on the side of the bed, like he was leaning over me.

At just that moment, I felt a searing hot pain on my stomach, causing me to cry out loudly. From the feel of it, I realized it was wax from one of the candles. What in the hell?! Several more drops landed in the same area and as they cooled, I felt a delicious warmth spread through me.


He slowly made his way up my chest, making a large drop land perfectly on my nipple. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming out at the joint feeling of pleasure mixed with pain. This…could become quite addicting. It was like a shower of fire as many more small drops sprinkled across my breasts. He saved another large drop for my other nipple. When it hit I felt myself spontaneously orgasm. The sheets were soaked from my juices and were beginning to stick to me.

download (1)

He left the bed, leaving me alone for several minutes,allowing the wax to cool and harden on my skin. Too busy revelling in the feeling that when I felt something sharp against my throat I nearly jumped out of my skin. From the cold, pointed tip I could tell it was a small blade, that knowledge made my heart rate increase, the adrenaline kicking into overdrive. For one moment, I was terrified.

The terror melted into the background as I felt him slowly drag the tip across my collarbone, causing goosebumps to flush in its wake. The blade made me shiver with excitement and fear.

Slowly and meticulously he began to peel away the layers of wax. I could still feel the tightness from the wax when he was done. I kept listening for any sounds that would give me an indication of what was coming next.

The ice rattled as I felt his weight shift on the bed. I inhaled sharply as he placed a frozen cube between my breasts. He let it sit there as he placed another one on my stomach. It was an odd feeling, the way my body reacted to this extreme temperature change.


ice play 3

He used another ice cube to trace the lines left behind by the wax, as that one melted, he quickly replaced it with another one. Soon my stomach and chest were covered with a thin sheet of water, which traveled down my stomach, pooling into my navel. I felt him lean over, slurping up the water out of my belly button.

Dear God…I had another mini orgasm right then! What the hell is he doing to me?!

I felt him leave the bed again, I found this whole not knowing business to be extremely annoying and frustrating, but it was also one of the most erotic things I had ever experienced. Another noise…bottles clanking together.

I felt something slighty cool hit my stomach, it wasn’t as cold as the ice. When I felt his hands caressing me, I realized it was lotion. Those long slender fingers gently rubbed the lotion into my skin; kneading me as if I were a lump of dough.

Dear God…I see the light….

I began to moan softly as his fingers enclosed on my nipples, his lips on mine, his tongue toying with mine. He growled as he took my bottom lip in between his teeth, tugging on it as he elicited a sound from  me that I didn’t know was possible.  He does that a lot…he’s just that good.


He kissed his way down to my breast, replacing his hands with his mouth and pulled my tweaked nipple into his mouth. He pushed my legs father apart with his knee. He suckled as if his life depended on it as his hand moved between my legs, resting atop my swollen mound.


I felt myself begin to convulse with pleasure as I felt one of his slender digits slide inside of me, probing deep. He increased the pressure by adding another digit, the pleasure from it was almost too much to bear.

He moved his weight as his tongue found my now aching clit, swirling and sucking on it as his fingers continued to work me over. I cried and screamed as waves of intense pleasure swallowed me whole. I lost all sense of anything that was going on around me, just focusing on the feeling as he stopped.

He moved his body up, lining his cock with my entrance as he slowly pushed his way inside of me, growling as my walls clamped down on him tightly.

He started moving slowly…this wasn’t a ‘wham-bam-thank you ma’am’ type thing.

I didn’t think I was capable of this many orgasms in one night, let alone one session, but I felt it the coil tighten as he began to thrust harder. I wrapped my legs securely around his waist, pulling me deeper and closer.  In that moment, he lifted the blindfold, forcing me to stare directly into his eyes.

It was as if he wanted to sear into my head that he was the one who was making me feel like this…that he was the only one who could ever make me feel like this. It was then that my brain began to make the long neglected connection that Tom had tried to make a few weeks ago…that this was much more than a fling. I could see now that this was not just a fulfillment of lust for him; this went much deeper than that. The realization added fuel to my already raging orgasm fire, setting it ablaze.

He then broke his own rule saying, “Come with my baby…NOW!”

His command caused my entire body to explode like the Fourth of July fireworks finale. I didn’t stop myself from screaming his name, I think that just added to his pleasure because he thrust a few more times before coming hard inside of me.


I felt as if I couldn’t breathe, my body was officially experiencing sensory overload. Tom’s arms shook and eventually gave under the pressure of holding his own body up. Our sweat glistened bodies shaking in the aftermath as we laid in silence. Tom reached up, unbinding my hands. I tossed the blindfold off to the side as I wrapped my arms around him. I placed a soft kissed into his sweat soaked curls.

“Well, that was definitely different.” I murmured, feeling Tom chuckle against my chest as he gently kissed it before speaking.

“I hope you meant that as a good different, and not a bad different.”

“Oh no…that was definitely good…so good.” I laughed, enjoying the feel of him in my arms.

“Good, because I have so much more that I want to show you.”




The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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