The Wall by Amber McCrea


It’s always been him.

He consumes her thoughts

The more they talked

The more she wanted him

Then it happened

Only took one look from him

And she nearly crumbled

He asked her how bad she wanted it

A simple gasp was her only response

With that answer, he kissed her

But this time the kiss was different

Nothing soft or gentle about it as before

Mad, passionate and hard

Rough even, but that’s what she wanted

That’s what she had wanted for so long

wall 4

He pushed her against the wall, thinking he was in control

He begins to rip away the clothes that cover her

He freezes as his eyes take in the sight of her naked body

She is now in control

Stepping forward, she moves to the back of him

He turns to her and she pushes him against the wall

He’s already partially undressed so she doesnt have much to remove

With a sudden urgency, she releases him from what binds him

Her eyes widen at the sight of his already hard manhood

Looking into his eyes, she wraps her hands around that part of him

Stroking, slowly at first, never lowering her eyes from his.

He opens his mouth to speak but no words emerge

She smiles impishly, then drops to her knees before him

Wanting, no, needing to taste him NOW

She traces the length of him with her tongue

All the way down and back up again

Circling the head several times before pulling him into her mouth

Low moans escape from his throat as he looks down at her

wall 1

The look in his eyes says it all

Taking him deep in her mouth, she becomes relentless

Needing to taste him, she doesnt slow down, she continues on

Until he wraps his hands in her hair and thrusts himself deep in her throat

She feels it as he empties himself and slowly releases his grip on her hair

Slowly she stands, smiling at the pleasure she’s given him

No words are spoken as she presses herself against him

And in that moment she knows that she is in control

She wants him now, right now, right here, against this wall

Standing on tiptoes, she whispers in his ear the words he’s been hoping for

“Fuck me, right here and now”

Spinning her around and pushing her back against the wall

He kisses her roughly and moves his hand between her legs, parting them slightly

He slides his fingers inside her wetness and a low moan escapes his lips

Lifting her up, he pushes her firmly against the wall

Then thrusts himself deep inside her

Over and over, harder and harder until he explodes again

They fall into a tangled heap on the floor

And she knows she’ll never look at this wall the same again.

wall 3

Amber McCrea


The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC



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