Who’s The Prisoner – by The Monster

I’m in a small white room surrounded by 6 uniformed men. They’re all armed and not very happy with me. I’m naked and not in very good shape. The beating I’ve taken has eliminated me from any kind of beauty contest. Hell, I’m not going to win any contest.

“You think you’re pretty tough? You think you can stand against us? We are the law. We are in the right, no matter what you think.” Their leader says as he used his baton on my legs and arms. The others just stand in a circle smiling and offering alternate targets when he gets off-balance or his arms tire from his efforts,

“You’re traitors and cowards. You’re not even people. It’s are what it is. Go on. Kill me, cause if I get out of here everyone is going to know what it did!!!” I can’t yell and the words are mushy, they’ve broken my jaw and most of my teeth. It doesn’t matter. I’m ready to leap. Hell will be a rest area for me. I’ll make my strength there and come back to finish the work I started before they interrupted me.

Their attack is coordinated and as brutal as only trained men can do. I know death is near and mutter the chant.

I die 90 seconds later.

the_twisted_path_prisoner Here I am on a raised Dias. Looking at me from a throne that could be a hundred feet high or almost any great size. There’s nothing near to lend perspective. Is a being as terrible as anything my imagination could conceive.

“You stand before me as a warrior who died a death not deserved. You come to me uttering the old words of Deaths chant. I don’t care how you found words not uttered in a millennia. What I want to know is why? Answer.” The Dark Lord seems to grow to the size of a mountain before me. He seems to be everything there is. I answer with a single word. “Vengeance.”

His laughter is a cacophony of all things wicked and maliciously evil.

“Into the pit. Battle and win through to the door. I will grant your desire if you win through.” The look on his face is one of utter contempt. No being has ever made it in all the long storied history of Hell. BEGONE!!!”

I find myself in a pit of burning lava, brimstone and Fire. An army of Daemons and the lost souls from all times in front of me.

I’ve got work to do.

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