The Interview Series Part Six: “So Let Me Get You In Your Birthday Suit

Author Note: This chapter doesn’t have my usual brand of smut…as the fucking feels overtook the writing process. So I hope you all still enjoy anyway.The song used in this is Michael Buble’s “I’m Your Man”.


I sleepily groaned at the sound my phone was continuously making. For the past hour, my phone had been going nuts. I thought for a moment that I had accidentally set my alarm, but then I remembered that it was my text message alert tone. I shot my arm out from under the covers, fumbling around until I felt my phone beneath my fingertips, tapping it repeatedly to quiet it down.

I heard a thud as it slipped off the night stand and onto the floor. I sighed to myself as I decided to nestle myself deeper into my blanket fortress, rather than lean over to retrieve the blasted device.


I felt myself begin to doze off, Tom’s scent lulling me away when I heard the phone go off again. I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping that if I wished hard enough, it would go away. Upon opening my eyes when I heard the silence, I was greeted to the sight of Tom looking curiously at me.

“What?” I asked drowsily.

“Apparently you are quite popular today, seeing as how your phone hasn’t stopped its incessant buzzing for the past hour.” He grumbled. As if on cue, my phone buzzed again from the floor, as if to validate his statement.


“Aren’t you going to answer it?”

“Nope. See, this blanket has accepted me into its tribe, and if I were to leave, it would see me as an untrustworthy ally. It’s just too much of a risk. So, if you want the phone to stop, then you’ll have to venture out and answer it.”  I said as I snuggled deeper into the blanket.

The look on Tom’s face asking me if I was serious as the phone buzzed again. He looked at me expectantly, to which I countered with an arched eyebrow, shaking my head as I pointed to him.

Rolling his eyes, he sighed begrudgingly as he maneuvered around me, leaning over the side of the bed to grab my phone. I closed my eyes, hoping to go back to sleep as I heard him unlocking it. The sound that followed was one that would forever haunt me.

“HAPPY BIRTH- Hello you tall drink of water you.” The seductive voice crooned from the phone.

My eyes shot open as I recognized who that voice belonged to, I would know that voice anywhere. I sprang up from under the covers, throwing the blanket off to the side as my eyes landed on an embarrassed Tom sitting on the edge of the bed as the faces of my sisters indulged in the sight of a shirtless Tom.

I really need to delete that FaceTime app.

Quickly snatched the phone out of Tom’s hands, I ran into the lounge area, shutting the door to the bedroom behind me.

“What the hell was that?!” I scolded, running a hand through my hair as I frantically looked around to see if there was anything caffeinated to help cope with this early morning conversation.

“I could ask you the same thing, dear sister.” Aeryn, my older sister, snickered as she licked her lips.

“I now understand why she has been dodging our calls and texts. Hell, I wouldn’t want to be bothered either with that deliciousness in my bed.” My other sister, Kate, chimed in.

This was so not good.

“Shut it, both of you.” I growled.

This caused them to howl in laughter, thoroughly enjoying my discomfort. You ever have that embarrassing moment, where you wish the Earth would open up; swallowing you whole? Well…this was definitely one of those situations.

“Aww, I think someone’s embarrassed.”

“Is there a point to this delightful video call, or have you been going through some sort of withdrawals not making my life hell?” I spat.

Granted, I did miss my sisters terribly, but when we all got together, it quickly turned into their favorite game, ‘Pick on the Baby’.

“We’ve been trying to get a hold of you to wish you a happy birthday.” Kate said, trying to recover from her giggle fit.

“You could have left a damn message and been done with it.” I argued, not really buying what they were trying to sell. There was something more to it, I just needed to find out what. It was their silence that ratted them out. “You just wanted a glimpse of the new boyfriend, didn’t you?” I accused, not realizing that for the first time I had called Tom my boyfriend to someone other than him.

“Boyfriend?! When the hell did this happen?” Kate cried out in shock.

Dear God, where is that hole?

“Look, it happened while we were here, okay? But you two have to keep your traps shut because I don’t need this getting out to anyone, alright?” I pleaded.  I didn’t want to ruin this thing with Tom by having opened my big mouth, inadvertently letting the whole world know that I had something going on with one of Hollywood’s big up and comers.

“Okay, okay. No need to get your panties in a bunch…that is if you are even wearing any.” Aeryn snickered.

Note to self: Set forth with plot to destroy sister once I get back to reality.

“I swear to God, if this gets out…it’s not just my reputation that’s on the line, okay? So, if you really love your baby sister, you will keep this to yourself.”

I knew that it was awfully low of me, pulling the ‘baby sister’ card, but it was either this or blackmail to ensure their silence.

“We promise. We really did just want to wish you a happy birthday, babe.” Kate reassured, all the joking gone from her tone.

I smiled as I nodded, ending the call after exchanging the ‘I love you’s.”

I sat down on the couch, leaning my head against the back of it as I closed my eyes for a brief moment. Well, this was most certainly one of the top ten most awkward moments of my life. Hearing the door to the bedroom open, I opened my eyes, turning to look. Tom, still half-naked, clad in only his pajama bottoms, was leaning against the door frame, smirking.

“Boyfriend, huh?” He teased

“Yeah, got a problem with it?” I threw back saucily, a smirk plastered on my lips.

Pushing himself off the door frame, he padded over to where I was. Bending down, he placed his hands up under my thighs as he hoisted me up against him roughly. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around his waist, draping my arms around his neck. He leaned his face down close to mine, our breaths mingling.


“As long as I’m the boyfriend, the only one who gets to touch you, I don’t see us having a problem.” He whispered, his lips grazing against mine. I whimpered at the sensations he was causing with just the slightest of touches.

“You’re the only one I’d let touch me.” I said softly because I closed the distance between our lips.

It was a gentle kiss, one that spoke the feelings that we didn’t verbalize. He pulled back from the kiss, taking a moment to look into my eyes before he spoke.

“So, it’s your birthday?” He asked, his question making me lean my head back, groaning.

“Yeah, it’s my birthday.” I replied nonchalantly.

“You were born in 1984, so that makes you…” He trailed off, smirking at how uncomfortable I was progressively becoming.

“It means I’m 30, asshole. Didn’t your mama ever tell you that it’s not polite to ask a lady her age?” I scoffed, smacking his chest.

“Well, when I meet one, I’ll be sure to remember that, darling.”

I growled at him as I leaned forward, biting the side of his neck in retaliation. I felt his grip tighten on my thighs when my teeth made contact with his skin.


“Do I have to start early on the birthday spankings, pet?”

The tone of his voice caused me to freeze. It was that fucking Dom voice that closely resembled Loki’s, only a few octaves lower. That was the voice that caused my libido to shoot into overdrive, turning me into an insatiable lust monster. Pulling my head back, I looked into his darkened eyes, trying to determine if he was joking or serious.

“You wouldn’t.” I challenged as if I was trying to convince myself that he wasn’t capable of such barbaric actions.

Who am I kidding, we all know that’s not true! The smirk on his face told me otherwise.

“Oh, my little birthday girl, one way or another…that luscious ass of yours will be spanked today. It’s up to you whether or not it happens now or later.” He informed me.

I was speechless, my breathing becoming ragged at his words. Damn him! Well…it is my birthday…why not.

“Show me what you got, big boy.” I boldly taunted, enjoying the look on his face at my words.

Words were no longer necessary as he caught my lips with his in a punishing kiss, his tongue dominating mine as he moved us toward the bedroom. Breaking the kiss long enough to make sure the door was closed, Tom took the moment to swat me on the ass, making me yelp in surprise.


“That’s one.”

*****Later that Evening*****

I was in the bedroom, finishing getting dressed for tonight. After our erm…’birthday special’, Tom decided that he wanted to take me out to this nice little bar he spotted for some drinks and dancing. I’ve seen that boy’s snake hips…this wasn’t going to end well.

With it being my birthday, I decided to go with a sexy/classy/casual theme for the evening, donning a strapless black polka dot top with a bow tie in the middle, blue skinny jeans that were rolled up at the bottom, and completing the look were my strappy red pumps. After watching a few YouTube tutorials, I managed to style my hair in a pin-up fashion using a red bandana.


I entered the lounge area where Tom was, sitting on the couch reading as he waited for me. I loved how easily he could become lost in a book. My wolf-whistle caused him to jump, nearly dropping the book he was so intently engrossed in.

“You look like a dream.” He complimented breathlessly as his eyes looked me up and down. Setting his book onto the side table, he stood up as he smoothed down his blue button up. I think this was the first time I had ever seen him don jeans, and damn were they hugging him in all the right places.


“A dream, huh?” I smirked, drinking in the sight of him as he walked up, enveloping me into long lean arms. He brought his face down to my neck, running his nose up the column to my ear, inhaling deeply.

“Yes, my own personal wet dream, pin-up style.” He breathed against my ear seductively as the scruff of his chin scraped against my ear, making my body shudder.

“Normally, I would find that type of comment offensive, but with your voice, and the way you’re doing that thing with my ear..I’m going to take it as one hell of a compliment.”

“I would. We’d best leave now before I stop fighting the urges to take you back into that bedroom, ravishing you until you can’t walk.”

Well…holy fuck.

“Yeah, see when you talk like that, you’re not really helping you ‘let’s leave’ cause.” I snicker, reaching around him to grab my purse, when I felt him give my ass another quick swat, earning him a scowl.

“And your sassiness isn’t making it any easier. It’s your birthday and I want to take you out. Now move.” He commanded, pointing at the door. I stood up straighter, marching my way over to the door, muttering a threat under my breath.

“What was that, darling?”

“I didn’t say anything.” I said smugly.

****At The Bar****

The bar Tom had chosen was a nice, relaxed place. The atmosphere was so inviting that you instantly felt at home when you entered. There were some tables and booths that lined the wall as well as a stage where someone was doing a rendition of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, but I don’t think they knew all the words.

Tom led me over to a table that was just a few feet away from the stage, causing me to eye him suspiciously. He wasn’t going to get my drunk in hopes of thrusting me up on the stage to do some embarrassing performance, was he? No, he wouldn’t do that…right?

Tom had wandered up to the bar, grabbing us a couple of beers to start us off. Returning, he sat down next to me as I eyed him carefully.

“What?” He asked, stopping mid-sip.

“I’m just wondering if you are going to try to get me to do some drunken karaoke.” I said calmly as I picked up my beer, taking a small sip as I watched for his response.

“How do you mean?” He chuckled in amusement.

“Well, we are at a bar that has a stage, which you seated us not too far from. You’re not planning on getting me up there, are you?” I asked point-blank. He snorted ungentlemanly at my accusation.

“Dear God no. I mean if you feel adventurous all on your own, by all means I won’t stop you. I brought you here to enjoy our last few days together.” He said with such genuine sincerity, it was hard not to swoon.

“Trust me, you’re going to want to make sure that I don’t get up there. I sound like a dying cat.” I joked as I leaned closer to him, enjoying what little time I did have left with him.

****A Few Drinks Later****

I was sitting alone at the table, waiting for Tom to come back with the next round. My eyes kept shifting around, making sure that I wasn’t going to have a repeat incident like the last time we went out. I glanced back to the bar, not seeing Tom anywhere. Where the hell did he go? The bar wasn’t overly crowded. I continued my search as the announcer walked up onto the stage, tapping the microphone to wrangle the patrons’ attention.

“Well folks, our next performer wanted to do something for his special lady, who birthday is today.”

My eyes widened as I silently prayed to any higher power willing to listen that it was someone else’s birthday as well. Refusing to turn around to face the stage, I kept my eyes scanning for any sign of Tom; telling myself that Tom would’ve went to the bathroom or maybe he got kidnapped. My hopes were shattered like a falling glass against the floor when I heard that all too familiar voice.

“Happy birthday, Lydia.”

I’m going to fucking kill him.

The music cued up, the bass guitar thrumming through the speakers and the drums and trumpets chimed in.

I slowly turned around to face the stage, my jaw hitting the floor. He apparently had taken the time to slick his hair back, popping open a few buttons on his shirt, just enough to tease you with a glimpse of that glorious chest of his. He gripped the microphone stand, tapping his foot to keep in tempo with the music. Lifting his head, his eyes locked onto mine as he began.


“If you want a lover, I’ll do anything you ask me to

And if you want another kind of love, I’ll wear a mask for you

If you want a partner, take my hand

Or if you want to strike me down in anger, here I stand

I’m your man.”

I was aware that everyone had turned their attention to Tom, enamored not only by his voice, but the way he moved around the stage. Not only was he singing to me, but he was singing one of my favorite song that I found ridiculously erotic. I’m pretty sure the women here were going to be tossing their panties towards the stage at any moment. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, biting my bottom lip in anticipation as he continued, his eyes never leaving mine.

“If you want a boxer, I will step into the ring for you

And if you want a doctor, I’ll examine every inch of you

If you want a driver, climb inside

Or if you want to take me for a ride, you know you can

I’m your man.”

He moved toward the edge of the stage, pointing at me with the ‘come hither’ gesture along with that ‘fuck me’ smile. I could feel everyone turn their eyes onto me, watching to see what I was going to do. Do I play it safe and stay where I am, or do I throw caution to wind and enjoy myself? Choosing the latter, I stood up, slowly navigating through the tables and chairs to the stage, leaning against it. He bent down, running a long finger down my cheek as he continued.

“Ah, the moon’s too bright, the chains too tight

The beast won’t go to sleep

I’ve been running through these promises to you

That I made and could not keep

Ah but a man never got a woman back

Not by begging on his knees

Oh I’d crawl to you baby, and I’d fall at your feet

I’d howl at your beauty like a dog in heat

And I’d claw at your heart

And I’d tear at your sheet

I’d say please

‘Cause I’m your man.”

You now how I said that will all the stuff he has done, I had never been more turned on? Well, those now pale in comparison to this. His voice was absolutely electrifying, making him more enticing with each verse. I was doing everything with my tiny power to not launch myself at him. The way he was looking at me, made me feel like I was the only one in this place, and that was when it dawned on me…I’m in love with him.

The feeling caused my chest to tighten as my heart began to race, my body tingling; it even brought tears to my eyes. I shut my eyes for a moment, fearing the tears would escape. I stood there, willing myself to focus on his song.

“And if you’ve got to sleep, a moment on the road

I will steer for you

And if you want to work the street alone, I’ll disappear for you

If you want a father for your child

Or only want to walk with me awhile, across the sand

Well I’m your man.”

I opened my eyes to look at Tom, smiling as brightly as I could muster. The feelings were becoming too much for me, excusing myself to the bathroom as he finished up his song, needing a moment to regroup before I met back up with Tom. The other nice thing around this bar, the bathroom were individualized, like you had an individual stall with a sink and everything.

Walking into the small personal bathroom, I sat down on the closed lidded toilet, placing my head in my hands as the tears began to fall.  How could I let myself get this far ahead, how stupid can I be?! Falling in love with him, are you crazy?! I knew…I just knew I should’ve stayed home. I had this feeling something like this was going to happen…it happens every.single.time.

I must’ve lost track of time while I was mentally berating myself, the soft knock on the door jarred me out of my inner debate.

“Uh, I’ll be out in just a minute.” I replied, my voice cracking under the weight of my emotions. I grabbed some toilet paper, walking over to the mirror, dabbing at my eyes as I tried to fix my make up so I didn’t look like I had been crying. Ladies, F.Y.I. we all know it’s damn near impossible to fix that kind of hot mess. I heard the knock again, which irritated me, “I’m coming out, alright.” I spat harsher than I had intended.

Tossing the used tissue into the waste bin, I opened the door, startled to see that it was Tom who had been knocking. He looked me up and down, drawing his eyebrows together as a frown graced his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing. I just needed to freshen up was all.” I lied, refusing to meet his eyes as I tried to move past him, but he blocked my exit with his arm.

“Lydia…” He started.

“Tom, I’m just feeling tired is all, so I think I’m going to head back to the hotel.” I sighed, giving him a small look as my eyes pleaded with him to believe me. His face hardened as backed us both into the bathroom, my eyes widened in panic as he shut and locked the door. Fear flooded me as my fight or flight instinct was trying to kick in. He kept his back to me, placing his hand against the door to lean on it.

“Did I do something to upset you?” he asked, his voice hoarse as if he was trying to fight to keep his emotions under control.

“What?! God no, you were perfect.” I spoke, shocked that he would think such a thing.

“Then was has you so upset that you came into the bathroom, crying…hiding from me?” I winced at the hurt in his voice. I bit my quivering lip, hoping that he wasn’t going to turn around because I wouldn’t be able to keep it together.

“It’s not anything you did, it’s me.” I whispered carefully, choking back the sob that threatened to rip its way out. Tom turned around to look at me. Moving away from the door, he stood in front of me, cupping my face with his hand.

“Lyddie…please talk to me.” He pleaded. His eyes becoming glassy as the tears started to pool in his eyes.

“I can’t…because if I say it, then it becomes real and that scares the hell out of me.” I whimpered as a few traitorous tears fell from my eyes. I covered his hand with mine.

“What scares you? Please, Lydia…”

I took a deep breath, it was now or never. Once those words left my lips…I could never take them back.

“I’m…I’m…I’m in love with you, that’s what scares me.”

I closed my eyes, waiting for the moment when he realized what I had said, booking it the hell out this bathroom. After a minute, I still felt his hand on my cheek, but now I was feeling his breath against my cheek. I felt his soft lips graze across it as they moved towards my ears.


“Don’t be afraid…because I’m in love with you.”

And that’s when I literally felt the air rush out of my lungs.



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC


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