Eyes by Dark One

 Within my eyes look to see, the other world that is with me.

To travel through the eye beyond, like a diamond that is to be

A shine of beauty for you to see.

But within the eye the darkness forms

Covers you, closer and takes its toll.

No longer now the light so bright

But the dark is the power of sheer light

Follow the light for you to see

The hell that I live for you and for me


Come now, take my hand, as I lead you to my land

The land of the free and darkness too, full of the wicked and the odd one or two

I see you look up,  for you, my soul has not lost the touch

A touch of desire and fantasy a must

Whips and chains a likely lust

Beat me with the belt of Justice


For this is my pleasure, and you, the bitch I trust

To work your passion to keep me locked down

You know that I will push the pain out

As the pain comes, the blood will begin

Your smile the unwelcome come within

Within the mind of my eye you’ll see

Locked away, for this is the key

The key for some, that stay strong with me.

But the darkness is now just,  look and see.



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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