Unmasking The Truth: Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It

Author Note: I don’t own a damn thing…except my eventual world dominating OC. I want to give credit to the writer’s of the episode, ‘Rose’, because I used some of the dialogue to help with the writing…so…yeah…enjoy.

“Be careful what you wish for, her mind thundered.”-Julia Quinn

Well, tonight had turned into quite the eventful evening after all. After learning from the newly made vampire, Caroline, I think her name was, that Katherine was planning to cause a massive scene at the masquerade ball unless she got this so-called ‘moonstone’.


I somehow was rigged into attending as some sort of back up, which I wasn’t overly thrilled about being there period. Large groups of people had a tendency to make me nervous, setting me on edge.

I have to give credit to the ever sly Elena, showing up out of nowhere like a fucking ninja, while Stefan and Damon were executing their ‘kill Katherine’ plan, which ended up making things more complicated. Katherine, being the ever-prepared one, apparently hired a witch to link her to Elena, ensuring that she caused as much pain and suffering to her with every injury the Salvatores caused to Katherine.


Why is it that no one bothered to listen to me when I clearly pointed out earlier that Katherine was the type of girl who had a back-up plan for her back-up plan? And if she didn’t have a back-up plan, she was clever enough to think fast on her feet, which made her all the more dangerous and unpredictable?


Thankfully Bonnie was able to find the witch who cast the spell to have it broken, leaving Damon to dispose of Katherine inside the underground tomb, where she should’ve been back in 1864. Stefan had left a visibly shaken Elena in my care as he went to do some much-needed damage control.

I walked with her out to the lake, which was not too far from the Lockwood Mansion. As we walking in silence, I took the opportunity to visually asset her injuries, noting how she wrapped her arms around herself protectively.

“How are you feeling…really?” I spoke, breaking the awkward silence that was beginning to become deafening.

She halted her steps at my question, turning to look at me as her lips were ready to spew the same stock ‘I’m fine’ bullshit she had been spouting to the others. I gave her a hard look, silently telling her that I wasn’t going to buy anything but the honest to God truth.

“I’m tired, I hurt like hell. I’m also scared because I’m afraid something it going to happen to those that I care about because of me. I…I need to stop being selfish with what I want.”

I nodded my head in an understanding gesture, as she turned to look back at the lake. I heard her sharp intake of breath and saw her face contort in pain, which she quickly tried to mask.

“Do…do you want me to heal your wounds for you?” I couldn’t believe the words had actually left my mouth. She looked back at me, giving me a weird look, as if thinking I was talking about offering her my blood. I quickly spoke to correct her silent assumption. “I’m not going to feed you my bloody, Elena. I’m not a vampire.”

She looked surprised at my words, thinking I possibly read her mind…but it was her face that gave it away.

“Are you a witch?” She asked nervously.

Okay, that one made me chuckle. There was definitely more to Mystic Falls than what the naked eye could see. It was like a fucking supernatural surplus.

“No, I’m not a witch, although I do know some magic. I guess you could say I am something similar to like a guardian angel.” How I said that with a straight face…I’ll never know. Guardian angel? Yeah…not even remotely.

She still eyed me warily, not sure if she should trust me or not, but it didn’t really bother me; it came with the territory.

Taking action before she could refuse, I lifted my hand, gently pressing two fingers against her forehead momentarily as I felt the familiar warmth leave my fingers and flow into her body. The effects of the sensations cause her body to start to sway slightly.

And just as soon as it started, it came to an end.

“What was that?” She asked hazily.

“One of my many talents Miss Gilbert. Now, tell me, how you do feel?” I smirked, knowing the answer would be different from when I first asked.

“Better, much better, actually. How did you do that?” She asked, astonished.

“Like I said before, Elena, it’s one of my many talents. Maybe one day when all this blows over and I’ve resolved my own issues, I’ll sit down and tell you all about it.” I smiled warmly at her before I sighed. “But for now, I have to do the same thing you are, keeping those near and dear to me safe by divulging as little about myself as possible.” She gave me a sympathetic look.

I looked up over her head, seeing Stefan approach; his eyes glued to Elena. Looking back down at her, I gave her a nod towards Stefan’s direction before leaving them to their privacy.


I waited off in the distance, biding my time until they finished. I had insisted Elena at least let me drive her home, giving her a chance to rest before being bombarded by the family inquisition squad that awaited her at home. I turned my attention back to the couple, as I watched Stefan walk away, seeing the heartbroken yet understanding look etched upon his face. Hell, it broke my heart to watch this two being ripped apart over some stupid stone.

I waited a few more minutes before I made my way back over to Elena, placing my hand upon her shoulder to offer some sort of comfort.

We stood there in silence, taking in everything that had happened over the last few days. I could tell it was taking a toll on her, and I wasn’t sure how much fight this young girl was going to have it the hits kept on coming.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of a twig snapping behind us. I jerked my head to see what had caused the noise when I felt the burning sensation on the back of my neck. I desperately tried to cling to Elena, fighting in vain against the feeling of my muscles liquefying.

Darker and darker my vision was becoming with each fleeting moment, until total darkness embraced me like an old friend.

***A Few Hours Later***

When I awoke, I was aware of two things;

One: I was bound and gagged in the back of what I assumed to be an SUV of some sort with Elena…the fact that I was bound and gagged only added to my increasing irritation.

Two: We were no longer in Mystic Falls.

Whoever had taken us wanted us for something, and I was willing to bet it had something to do with that damn stone. What in the hell is with people and this fucking stone that they have to resort to kidnapping?

I felt the jolt of the brakes, intently listening as the engine was shut off, and the driver’s door opening and closing. Out of tinted side window, I watched as the kidnapper, who ironically enough was dressed in black, donning the ever original sunglasses and ball cap, walked to the back of the vehicle.  I’m beginning to think kidnappers must attend some weird training seminar…sunglasses and ball cap?!

The back hatch door opened as he leaned in, grabbing us both as he effortlessly carried us to the inside of the run down house. From what I was able to see of it, it reminded me of a former plantation house, though judging from the state of it, it had been left to rot.

hqdefault (1)

Walking into the open room, he flew down the stairs using his vampire speed, maneuvering us over to a red velour covered couch that looked like it hadn’t seen a vacuum cleaner in at least two decades. Depositing us none too gently onto it, he set about untying and removing the gag. From his extremely pale complexion, I surmised that he was a vampire. You know, I’m finding it much more shocking when I run into someone who is entirely human.

I sat back in silence as he moved to do the same to Elena, who as soon as the gag was removed, bombarded him with questions. I could sense that he was becoming agitated with her relentless pleas as the veins under his eyes became noticeable flowing up to his eyes, filling them so they turned red. His fangs elongated, ready to strike for a taste of Elena, practically drooling in anticipation.


As he closed in on Elena, I quickly made my move, giving him a hard shove that knocked him a few feet away from us as a female vampire swooped in. She looked between us and the male on the floor, reprimanding the man who now had a name, Trevor.

Elena, who had been cowering into the corner of the couch, trembling from nearly becoming an afternoon snack, made a quick recovery as she started again with her endless questions.


“What do you want with us?” She asked nervously.

“Oh my God, you look just like her.” The female vampire said, astounded as she was finally able to get a good look at Elena.  I quietly made the connection as to who she was referring to…Katherine. This was not going to end well for us.

“But I’m not. Please, whatever you-” Elena started to plead but was interrupted when the vampire cut her off.

“Be quiet.” She roughly commanded. But that did not deter Elena.

“But I’m not Katherine. My name is Elena Gilbert; you don’t have to do this.” Elena insisted.

I closed my eyes, inwardly groaning as Elena continued to blatantly ignore the vampire’s warning to be quiet. Why don’t we just give her your address and social security number while we’re at it?!

“What do you want?” Elena asked.

Before I could intervene to stop it, the vampire slapped her across the face with such force that Elena landed harshly back onto couch, unconscious. That was the final straw for me. I moved with such speed that in the blink of an eye, I was standing toe to toe with her, my eyes turning from green to blinding silver.


“I wouldn’t touch her again if I were you.” I growled menacingly, feeling the blood in my veins begin to boil.

She took a step back, narrowing her eyes as she scanned me over, her gaze halting when it landed on my necklace.

“Alixiah? Alixiah Mikaelson?” She asked, shock and surprise filling her voice as her eyes widened.


As soon as she spoke my first name, everything seemed to just melt away, my eyes returning to their normal hue as I cast her a bewildered look. No one knew my real name, with the exception of my family. I had always been introduced or introduced myself as ‘Alix’. Not even the Salvatore brothers knew it, and I’d known them for over a hundred years.

But what really confused me was the last name…Mikaelson?

“What did you just say, Rose?” Trevor blurred over to her, taking a long look at me as well. Well, at least now I can stop referring to her as the ‘female vampire’.

“I don’t believe it. It’s Alixiah Mikaelson…Elijah’s wife.” She said, still in shock. Her expression mimicked Trevors…pure disbelief.

Whoa…wait a minute…wife?! They think I’m someone’s wife?! Surely they have me mistaken for someone else cause that’s just insane…right?!

“Uh, actually, it’s Winchester. Alix Winchester.” I corrected after I recovered from the initial shock as well.

As I continued to stare at the pair in front of me, my brain began to have snippets of what seemed like a movie…but it wasn’t. It was from my dream, and it starring this ‘Rose’ chick in front of me. In the flashbacks, she had much longer hair, which was wavy and pulled back as she spoke to me, whispering in a hushed tone with a worried look on her face.


I couldn’t make out everything she was saying to me, except ‘Klaus’ and ‘run.’

“Well, the last time I saw you, it was Mikaelson.” Her voice seeming to snap me back to the present.

“You…you seem familiar, like I’ve seen you somewhere before…but I didn’t recognize you until just now.” I said confused at what I had just experienced.

“We were close, but that was a very long time ago.” She said, her voice sounding almost sad when she spoke of that time.

Taking a deep breath, I cast a glance back to Elena’s still form. I needed answers and right now I was in a position where I could possibly barter for them. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by, information overload be damned.

“I will do whatever you want me to, without causing anymore trouble for you, IF you are willing to answer just a few questions for me.”

I bit my lip nervously as I waited for their verdict. They shared a look between them, silently weighing my request. Rose turned her gaze back to me, giving me a nod as she made a gesture to the door at the top of the stairs, as if to say ‘follow me.’

Giving Elena one last look, I followed them up the stairs. As I reached the doorway, I hesitated, which caused Rose to stop, eyeing me suspiciously; ready to pounce if I had the slightest inclination of bolting.

Looking down at my attire, I noticed for the first time that I was still in my dress from the party last night, which was becoming alarmingly uncomfortable.


“I really hate to ask you this, but you wouldn’t happen to have any spare jeans and a shirt that I could temporarily borrow, would you?” I asked shyly as I picked at the hem of my dress.

Rose’s face was unreadable, and I thought that I might have asked too much from my kidnappers until she smiled. Reaching for my arm, she led me down the hallway into a dimly lit spare room.



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