Welcome to my World ( A Short Tale of Words)

Words bright, vivid, brilliant, they spew forth searching with a cascading stream of radiance. They travel along in the night sky, hoping to find a safe place to land. They find their way into a heart.

A heart that is broken, alone, spending its days in solitude. Lonely it waits in darkness, looking out into the vast unending stars and accepting its place in the world.


The words beautiful, flowing, teeming with life set the heart alight. The words illuminate the darkness that was surrounding the heart. Darkness runs from such a light and so the heart was set free.

What splendor is this? said the heart, as it consumed the words and light that glows around it. As the heart filled up on such radiance, it notices a change from within.


The brokenness it once felt was slowly starting to heal. No longer did it feel alone. The hurt that was once living inside was leaving. Just to know another hurt the same way, that it wasn’t alone, brought tears to its eyes.

The heart felt something it had never felt before. A warmth that now runs through its veins. A feeling of belonging, of understanding. This warmth started to bring back life to all of the heart’s empty spaces.


What is this I feel?, said the heart.

It is love, said the words. For you see dear heart, you are very much loved.
Can you feel it with every letter put together, every line that shines and every verse that sings.

Yes, said the heart, I can feel the love.

So, said words, step into my world and leave your cares behind. Welcome to my world. It was built with you in mind.




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