One Red Rose

Your heart lays bleeding
On a cold fallow ground
As I listen to it slow down


Your blood flows freely
As I watch it seep
I took your life tonight
And in joy I weep

I watch you cry out
Into the cold moonlight
The mist of your hot breath
Rises up in the night

No one can hear you
I made certain of that
I tore out your tongue
First, I loosened it with a bat

No more will I hear
The words you once said
The mental anguish
You put in my head


I took the garden rake
And ripped out your guts
And while I was there
I chopped off your nuts

I felt so free in the dead of night
I went to the kitchen and got a big knife
While you were slithering like a snake
I cut off your nose to spite your face




While I was at it
I cut off your toes
And washed away the evidence
With a garden hose


Where he is buried
Nobody knows
Except the thorny rose bush
With one red rose.







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