In Dreams: The Awakening

Shaking slightly I quickened my pace, a creepy crawly buzzsaw of shiver rattled my bones as I continued on, my ears listening hard for any sound, “Allison,” a hot breathy voice whispers in my ear bare moments before a sharp pain interrupts my ability to stand and I falter, my breath stuck in my chest as a strong-arm enfolded me, his lips brushing against my ear, “you’re going nowhere,” his voice snarls, the hand around my throat tightening further, holding me upright as he spun me around, affording me the first glimpse of my would-be suitor. He laughed as I burst forth with peal after peal of terror, my mind unable to process such beauty and evil in one face, before kissing me soundly, dragging me down into unspeakable terror and delight.


Read In Dreams

The rhythmic tinkling of chains was the only sound as my mind replayed the horribly beautiful face and the sensation of his tongue twisting and slipping like a snake around my own, his lips kissing me with such fervour that mine began to bleed. A strange consummation of sexual acts that became increasingly violent shuttled behind my eyes as my breath became louder in my ears. The soft ringing of the chains had become more urgent, punctuated by the occasional painful gasp and low throated growl. “Allison,” a dangerously sensual voice licked at my ear, each word a shiver that vibrates along my spine., ‘Your skin is so soft, so smooth.” The warmth of his hand burns my flesh as his fingertips cross my lips, and settle on my breasts, ” Oh yes my love, I have you now,” he murmurs, rolling my nipples between his fingers.

My body is on fire, the world is loud and sharp, the scent of blood and roses invades my nose and makes my eyes water through the closed lids. His hands travel down the slender side of my ribs and settle on my hips, where they caress shape of the bone. “Please,” I whisper, and he chuckles. I try to shift away from his insinuating tone, and feel my body betray me. “I know you like it,” he laughs in my ear, “I have you locked in here with me Allison. I told you, you’re going nowhere.” His weight settles lightly on my chest, his hands gripping the softness of my throat as he kisses me, and slowly slides his hardness into my warmth. “Look at me,” he demands, increasing the pressure on my throat as he thrusts harder, and bites my neck hard enough to solicit a gasp from my lips. My eyes fly open, the scream that had been building as he overtook my body escaping from my eyes. “Please. Your. Name.” I ask, my fingers fluttering to his hands, desperately trying to lighten the grip. Try as I may, I cannot hold his eyes, their colour a shifting spectrum that terrifies me, and pours gasoline on the slow fire that had been a smouldering oasis of Hell in the midst of Heaven. I ache for release, for air, to break the hold his eyes have on me, even to die here in this moment. The sudden rush of air in my lungs makes me light-headed, and I feel myself fall over the edge of the abyss. “See you on the other side.” I feel his words on my lips, the slightly bittersweet taste of his tongue on mine, and wondered what had become of me, that I could happily stay here, a slave to his passion. More words spoken, feather soft on my lips follow me deeper into the darkness of his kaleidoscope eyes. I am lost.


I come awake with a body encompassing gasp, my lungs aching. It feels as though I’ve been holding my breath forever, and the pain of life is delightful. It screams, reverberating in the air, its scent bittersweet, the taste of winter and death in the back of my throat that lingers like the most decadent dessert. I don’ t know what’s real and what isn’t anymore, only that I ache in a never-ending desirous cycle of need, and that I was cold – the slight breeze with filled with teeth that nibbles along the ripples on my flesh and licks along the diaphanous midnight red negligée I wear, its airy folds fluttering as I creep quietly forward. There was a rhythmic tinkling sound of solid chains being rubbed together and a dim light that called me towards it and out of this darkness that had enveloped me.

The light wavers as though by candlelight, a constant moving shadow that flickers past my vision and before it, its voice a mumbling anxious monologue that held no sense to me. That rattling of chains bounces and rattles in the cavernous space around me, tempered with a low, nearly sadistic laugh, and I smile as my skin rises as each chill ripples across every inch. Two voices, a soft whimper of a woman, urgent enough to suggest that she was afraid. A man’s baritone, tones angry and persistent as they are muffled cause me to gasp. A roar of rage, followed by a strange scream leads me to drift down the nearest passageway.


Long and slender, a woman hangs, the rattling of chains are her paroxysms of pain, the jerking of her body as she swings slightly, making them sing Shaven bare, but for her long scarlet hair that covers one breast, a lock curled lovingly around one nipple like a snake. Above, her wrists tied by layers of twine, he hang, her strong arms vibrating with the effort of keeping her body intact. with every twist as she attempts to shy from the touch of the man crouching in front of her. I step back quickly into the shadows, my own darkness allowing me to observe unnoticed. How she writhes under his touch, in vain and in horror, crying out when he leans close to….speak? Kiss? Perhaps bite…crying out as though in pain. “Why do you hide in the shadows?” he calls out, and I close my eyes and shrink back slightly, feeling that familiar dampness grow once again between my thighs as I catch my breath. I should run now, to safety or so chatters my thoughts as I remember the sensation of his hands on my throat, his lips on mine, so real I can feel him near. “Allison.

Her screams permeate the air, her constant ejaculatory praises to the prophet peppered with false promises of redemption, remorse and the occasional offers of sexual favors were grating on my nerves. I cared not to hear the 1000 names of God, or her lies. It was that he would touch her, like  that quickened my pulse and my breath. She should be grateful for the end of her life, instead of calling for help that will never come. With every cut she should be singing HIS praises, for showing her the path to her own enlightenment.


Stepping from the shadows, I feel his eyes on my face, and let him fill me with fire that soared with the lust I had to see her suffer. He holds his smooth, lineless hand out to me, as the singing chains bounce off the walls in this odd place, and I hesitate. In fear, his eyes are like knives and they score my flesh with slices that sting and desire, that quaking need that burns and aches beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. He speaks softly in my ear, and pushes me into the lush chair sitting in the snow behind me, his hand on my throat, his other deftly bringing me to climax before moving away, and back to her.

“How does it feel?

His breath fills the air and obscures his face from her view. Its cold out tonight, cold enough for fluffy flakes of snow to fall from the sky, into her eyes, catching in his hair as he reaches out and caresses her cheek. Her body shivers uncontrollably, nipples taut and mouth-watering from my vantage point, breasts shaking lightly as she pants.

“Kari…answer me. How does it feel? “

His hand cracks in the silence, an instant before she cries out, and I find myself glancing around, checking for other witnesses. There would be none, even if someone should happen along this little scene of decadent deviance. Her feet barely touch, the tips of her painted toes just able to touch the snow-covered ground.

“You…..bastard. Fuck. You.” Her voice trembles in fury, the pain adding an inflection that made me want to bite into her just to hear her spit more venom. He lays an open-handed smack on her ass, leaving a perfect red hand mark, and she twists on her bonds, teeth snapping in the air. I had no doubt she could tear him to shreds.


“I’d stop struggling if I were you. See this?” He’ d been holding one hand behind his back, with a nasty smirk twisting his normally handsome face, and he holds out a small metal box. Her eyes narrow, and she stops her movements as she takes in what he shows her. “If you stop, I’ll let you rest.” His eyes openly trace the contours of her flesh, his free hand running along her thigh with a smile.

“I’ll….stop. You stop….touching me.” He laughs at her demands, slipping his hand between them and squeezing. I wish I was his hand. His fingertips brush her shaved slit and she snarls in a rough intake of air, though I’m hard pressed to tell if its out of violation or relief. He glances at me, a hungry look in his eyes as he sees my fingers mimicking his every move. Again he moves his hand against her and watches me do the same, a smile spreading across his lips like candy. “You are sick. LET ME GO!” Her scream of rage becomes a gasp. She should be so lucky, to have his hand on her, his fingers inside her. He is rough, mean as he pushes his digits into her warmth, making my own breath come shorter, quicker, my orgasm breaking as she groans and yanks his hand free as he pushes the blue button on the box he holds, dousing her with fluid. She becomes rigid, her body in paroxysms of what can only be pleasure-pain as the icy water sluices over her skin.


He’s a monster. Beautiful and cruel, watching me in my chair, watching him as he lowers her slightly, allowing the balls of her feet to settle on the ground. She sighs, then sobs, in sounds that tear from her chest, his lips on her breasts, he suckles and squeezes them, and i rage inside, wanting my lips there, his lips on me. I am forbidden, and allowed only freedom to pleasure myself as he takes his from her. “Do you see how she yearns, Kari, to touch you as I do, for me to touch her as I do you?

“Kari,” he whispers, “Kari, are you cold? You won’t be, not for long.” His tongue looks so red next to her blanched stomach, as it slips out and licks her rippled flesh. “You taste like spring,” he murmurs, stepping back and pressing the red button, once again showering her in wave of what must be freezing agony. How she shivers and shakes, as do I, in dismay at what I’ve become, in pleasure as my own fingers pull sensation after sensation through my body.


The bare bulb that hangs directly above throws her features into harsh relief, making her ugly and real. Disgusting, how her eyes crawl, flicking from one place to the next, eyes red and running with the tears of her terror, nose dripping snot down her lips, hair stringy and oily from the stress sweat of her efforts to escape his attentions and her doom. Her eyes plead with me, silent tears slipping from the corners of her bloodshot eyes.  Her finely shape lips move silently, mouthing words in her hopeful fright.  His lips write words on my skin, unfolding a story of lust, pleasure and pain onto my flesh.   Please help me please …. I avert my eyes, the wind in the empty space whistling and I close my eyes, feeling his power falling over me, knowing there is no escape and wanting none.

“Allison, she wants you to help her,” his insinuating tone makes my nerves sizzle and clamour, the desire to pull and run nearly as overpowering as the ache inside to give myself over to his will.  The air is acrid and thick in my throat, his lips travelling down my spine whispering his wants making me shake my head, torn between crossing the spider silk line and my own desires.  His fingers find mine,  pressing something hard and warm into my palm and I gasp.  I fumble and my body stutters as he invades my flesh, my thumb slipping over the hard surface, and feel the flame jump and burn.


I threw the lighter as he took me over, and I let him, needing to let the barriers burst and move forward, the blissfulness of heaven as she burns in the fires of hell, hair alight like firecrackers.  Over and over he murmurs my name into my neck words of pleasure and laughs as I bleed, humanity dying as I climax.  “I know you feel unwell, but your pain gives me pleasure.  As hers does yours.”  The sweet smell of death and roasting meat fills the air, his arms tight around me, not letting me move away, “Mine.  I’ll give you everything my angel of darkness, love and more.  But you stand here, with me and watch her burn, or you’ll pay.”

The water dripping in the background, melting snow and burst pipes, the crackling of blackened seared flesh and fire, and his voice are all I can hear.  My eyes are full of the woman slowly swinging as she burns, a flickering lick of flame, and in my ear,  his pocket knife pressing into the hollow between my ribs, his name…..



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC All Rights Reserved

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