Chimera by Dark One

What follows is the original story by Dark One that inspired In Dreams: The Awakening.  The strong imagery spoke to my own Muse, who in turn helped me to write my journey. Enjoy…..


“Oh yes my love,  I have you now, holding you so close. The power,  the tenderness of your body, smooth to the touch as I run my hands over and down to the softness of your breasts, the slender side of your ribs down to the hip feeling the bone.  I know that you like it as you try to get away but I have the strength and power, and you feel the love that I am to give, my woman, my angel of darkness.”

Unable to lighten the grip, I let him teach me the lust and pleasure, letting the fire burn deep within, the passion,  hold dominion over me.   His touch, the pain.  transposing deep beyond my ache, making me forever his and my body quaking.  I needed to let go, escape from this,  and knew I was lying to myself.  What has come of me?  I felt like I was no longer in control,  the deep well of love from within me overflowing.  I wanted to let go, to get out, to give in.   I needed it to be released.


I have you now,  locked in here with me. A pleasant dwelling of delight,  a haven of  happiness, of hell,  with the sweet smell of death that roams the air. Oh, I see you feel unwell, but the sight of you in pain gives me my pleasure,  You sitting there bent over, ill, and I am in thirst, ready to take you and give you all that you need and more.

Standing behind you, entering you,  my love is for you as I go in deep,  releasing the power deep that hides within you, pushing it in and feel your body give in to my will as well as your mind. But my love, you will not have to wait long, soon you will see.

The stench was overwhelming,  the pain unreal but it had to go. Blood filled the air, my skin falling off, opening and biting deep, the pain as I try to touch it,  to help but the blood does not stop the skin’s fuming.  It gathers under my nails.  then the agony as my spine is tore through,  the outer level opening up,  coming out,  ripping me apart, beyond all pleasure.   


HELP ME!   For all of justice, desire,  and then, finally,  it happened.   I felt it move,  travelling from far below, and my body bent against my efforts, the pain pulling me in too.   I had no choice.   I clench over  the porcelain privy, the unpleasantness of this, the smell of pure death  thick in my mouth, my guts twisting and exploding, and unable to help myself,  I unleash.  Finally empty, and still feeling it drip from deep inside me,   I looked around, and through the walls,  my mind still tried to find a way out, but once again,  the power pulled me back down,  deep to this fucking hell. 

I have no choice.  My plan was to go, the voice screaming in my head to get out is no longer doing so.  I must be here.  All that was before.   This time giving all that I had, pulling from all that I am.   I felt the need to move, run from this,  but I held back,  giving in to him. The pleasure he gave me overwhelmed my heart, the pain he gave made me cry.


My love,  I feel you pulling away.  I am yours, here, for now and forever more. Stay with me, don’t fight.  We are meant to be.  I know that you hurt but isn’t the pleasure worth far more?  Please, stay with me.

I looked back at him, and what had transpired and knew I was trapped.  You’re showing me the real you, I thought, and was afraid, yet my mouth spoke of its own desires,  “please help me, now, please give it to me….”   I was so confused, and tried to break away,  but he was holding me back, holding me close.   I was stuck and going nowhere fast.   His energy stole my breath,  again my head swimming as my air supply was cut off.  I felt so weak,


I had to fight,

but the hand on my throat is so tight, 

I’m lost and losing sight

no way

to go

far from

cut off

bound tight




Oh I felt her break, shatter, so helpless, but she wants to go.  I pleasured myself, seeing her trying to break my hold,  and laughed with joy as her air begins to run out.   She is now turning blue – she is much in need of my attention.  “You are mine, stay with me for eternity.  Please.”


Pulling from all that I have left, I voice my terror and ambivalence in a bone shattering scream so strong it breaks his hold over me.  Still in pain,  but I feel him fade, no longer holding me, and it hurts me in a different way.  There was something else pulling me down, this time a strange feeling.  It was joy, love and it was alive.   I could see a tunnel and make my way down to it.   It is wet and warm, strange but full of love. I can hear sounds, unclear voices full of unclear noise but I know it was right to continue, to carry on. The force that moves me forward, becoming the life that I was leaving behind ,but was I really leaving this life?

What was going on? It feels amazing!  I see a light and float in a trance, looking around.  All was black, the light just a pinpoint, and only the sounds of joy, of happiness. The blackness becomes blacker than black, and I feel myself split in two.  Twins, but not, two of me, both standing there .  I am whole,  someone else, a new person, a new life…. what was going on?


The tunnel’s light is bigger now, brighter, and I drift my way down.  The sound was getting louder than ever, the love filling the room, the brightness so powerful that I want to close my eyes but only share in wonder.  I wish to see everything.   It’s cold and I shout, then I see a woman, so beautiful and her eyes are filled with so much love, joy and happiness, begin to cry.  I am lifted, and carried away.  And in the glass’s reflection, I am reborn. 



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC All Rights Reserved

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