Majesty – Ties That Bind

I see him enter the restaurant, staring at his phone before glancing up and catching my eyes. He stares at me, directly and unflinchingly into my blues as though trying to grope whatever lay beyond them, aggressive in his determination as he strides directly for the small table at the back. Good luck with that. There are few with keys to that lock, most of those had been driven mad with what they found lurking there, one is hopefully dead now, buried where he will never be found.

“I’m going to eat your soul,” he said upon arrival and I laugh into my wine glass, nearly inhaling the luscious deep red Merlot I’d been nursing. I was hardly one for blind dates, after the last one, I’d given up on bothering, though my sisters insisted that I attend one torture session after another on their quest for “My Soulmate.” Delusional bunch of bitches they were, but I loved them anyway. I’ll give them their due, this one was fascinating, though a tad on the psycho side for my taste. One was enough in this family.


“Eat my soul? Assuming I have one. I have to tell you, that was the most original opening line I’ve heard in years. Does it actually work?” My tone isn’t kind, and I give zero fucks for it either. No Remorse, in the words of my Masked friend. I assumed HE would be showing up again soon, and I really hoped he would forget. Of course he wouldn’t. propriety and all that aside, the Monarch would be sure he would spend his greetings. One day maybe I’d get over my fear.

“My name is Greg. You are Majesty,  Jes to your friends, and the one I’ve chosen to devour,” he spoke quietly , lifting my hand to his lips. I’ll admit, I was caught off guard for a moment, and I resisted the urge to pull my hand away and slap his handsome face for daring to try to intimidate me. His lips are warm against my chilled hand, and I raise my eyebrow as his tongue dances on my skin. “I am not food. Stop tasting me. Did you parents never teach you appropriate behaviour?” Where the fuck did they dig this one up. I snicker at my own words, and shake my head.

I feel his lips curve just before he lifts his head, and drops my hand, choosing the chair across from me in which to sit and stare.  The low lights play tag in his eyes, making me look away in irritation when he chuckles.   Annoyed, I  leaned forward, placing my elbows on the low and mellow surface of the lush wood table we sat at, and stared back, “Is that all you have to say? You’ll just sit there and stare at me as though you were an animal and I were your meal? Greg, was it? It’s impolite. Please stop.” I rest my chin on my clasped hands, and smile slightly, inviting him to open his damned mouth. He was apparently one of the few men who didn’t like to talk, and this did serve to capture my attention for the moment.


The restaurant was small and intimate, the lighting dim and attractive. Everyone looks good in dim light after all. The fragrance of the culinary delights offered scented the air, making my stomach complain and his long intense look was making my mouth water.   It didn’t help matters that my date had taken on a quite wolfish bearing, his lips parting as his tongue slipped through to swipe his lips before showing me his teeth.   Interesting. 

“I know who you are. What you are. I find it incredibly attractive. I’m a fan.”

I’ll have to destroy him. No one knows what I am, I’m an expert at hiding in plain sight, and a fan? My sisters would pay for this. This is why I don’t do blind dates.

 “I doubt that. Who I am.  I hardly hide, and you must know one of my sisters. What I am? Perhaps you should explain yourself. I’d love to hear your theory,” I smirk, a deliberate and baiting tone in my words and not all a fallacy. I was curious as to what exactly his theory was. If he was right, I’d kill him. Here. Now. If not, I’ll play along for a while, and do the same. Pleasure for me, pain and suffering for him.

“Sisters? I assume there are many? No, I’m not acquainted with any of your family or friends. I saw you when I came in. I watched your work at the cemetery. I followed you with the intentions of killing you myself but then saw what you were doing.  I think I fell in love with you then, and I decided to feed on you first and then kill you.  Do you mind?”


The smile on my lips turns to ice as I glare at him,  incredulous at his self-confidence and audacity. Did I mind? Did I MIND? Yes I fucking minded. There is only room for one psycho here and, seeing as how the Beast is absent, I gave thanks, that psycho was me.  “You presume much.  You’ve come up short every time.  Eat my soul…if you knew me so you would know I’m a soulless bitch.  You’re not a fan, you’re a stalker.  And darling, if you think for one second that I will allow you to lure me to some secluded spot, I’ve seen enough horror flicks to spot that  a mile off.  I don’t think this will work out. I’m giving you one chance to leave.”

I rise to my feet, completely unnerved by this individual to the point of distraction and am nearly knocked to my ass by the waitress who was loaded down with heavy trays full of glasses. Instead of hitting the floor, I find myself in his arms, and trapped by his stare. This would not do.  “Come on Jes….I dare you. Come with me.  I have a gift for you.”  I see Casper in the shadows, his eyes narrowed and notepad at the ready.  Grim has already had me by the proverbial balls for months now, holding me responsible for the activities of my unfriendly fiend.  So I snuck out once.  I was encouraged.  And in spite of myself, I’m intrigued, so I agree and am rewarded with a soul licking kiss that burns my lips before he drags me to the door, and into the rising mist.


The sun rose slowly, and I daydreamed my way home, getting lost twice and finally pulling into the driveway as it peeked over the horizon.  My sisters will not be amused, likely hostile, but I cared not at all.  In the shadows Brother Reaper lingers, his bony eye sockets ablaze in fury and annoyance, and Casper just behind him, that smarmy little smile on his lips making mine curve up in return.  The sunlight catches the diamond on my left hand, and I flash the light into Grim’s eye, slipping inside while I blinded him.

“Care to explain your absence….Sister?”

 M. McCurdiethe_twisted_path_group_the_twisted_path_group_matt_horwich

The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
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