A Little Cut

cut 2

My finger traced the single tear rolling down your cheek
I brought it to my mouth for a taste…so salty…and smiled
You struggle so relentlessly but there is no way out
You thought you were the most evil being but you were wrong
I am so much more
I kill indiscriminately but once in a while
I come across a creature such as yourself that the world would be so much better without
I could see into your heart…black as pitch
Into your mind…an endless sea of perversion
Everything you did to her, when she did nothing but try to love you
So many years of pain and torture
You let her live, but she will now be scarred forever

cut 5
It’s your turn
Payback is a bitch you know?
How do you like my contraption?
I built it myself
Studied tons of old drawings and descriptions until I think I got it almost perfect
the Rack
a most ingenious device
You would like to speak wouldn’t you?
I got tired of your ramblings and cut out your tongue
Still, you’ll be able to scream
I can’t wait for that

cut 9
I’ve turned the handle enough at the moment
Your muscles are taut
stretching them just enough to make you slightly uncomfortable
Your manhood is strangely aroused I can see
this instrument you mercilessly forced into her
day after day
night after night
not for pleasure but only for pain
She is now free from you
and you belong to me

cut 8
At least as long as I plan to keep you
I get bored quickly
It’s pulling a lot tighter now
The strain on your face and bulging eyes are evidence of your pain
How does it feel?
Do you now regret any of the horrors you inflicted on her?
Now…that’s what I wanted to hear
Your screams will be heard by no ears but mine
We are far under the ground
I’ve brought many here before that no one ever discovered
I have many other toys here I can use on you while I turn the handle
this nice sharp knife is one of my favorites
A tiny cut right above that evil organ of yours
Oh I heard a pop
two pops
I can feel the bones cracking now in your wrists
Shall I gouge out your eyes as well or do you want to see what’s coming next?
You don’t like that do you?

cut 6
just a flogger…made of barbed wire
doesn’t feel so good across your erection
Cry all you must
No one will come to save you
lie there and think of everything you did to her
how she must have felt as you beat her
raped her continuously
how she begged you to stop as you silently beg me now
but I continue as you did
it was no matter that she was your wife
She was an innocent…I do not harm the innocent
Only those who beg for it or in my eye deserve it
There go your shoulders
Are you finding it hard to breathe now?
That cut I made is not quite big enough
Now…there…I bet if I reach in I could eviscerate you while you breathe

cut 1

Let’s see how long you can remain conscious
Tighter and tighter the handle cranks
and there goes your hip
go ahead
such music to my ears I could listen all day
but you won’t last that much longer I fear
your eyes are glazing over now
as I have your entrails piled atop your stomach
will a bit more flogging wake you up?
Hmmmm I guess not
Well this was fun…while it lasted

Queen of Hell 5



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC



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