Recruiting Gabriel

I walked out the door of “Un esprit sale” into the misty darkness that waited under the broken neon signs and faded street lights out front. “Un esprit sale” (A dirty mind) was packed tonight with the usual dregs of society that obviously would flock to an establishment so astutely named. Hookers, bangers, lowlifes and filth… my kind of people. The music inside was so intensely loud that while I lit up my smoke, I could still hear every word blaring from the speakers and feel the bass thumping through the wall. “Smack my bitch up…” pounded in my ears as the DJ remixed the band “Prodigy” for the crowd of drunken heathens.
I had one mission tonight in coming here, well two to be honest, but only one of them was making progress toward my ultimate goal. The other one, well she was just my type; filthy to the core, with not an ounce of goodness in her, a walk that let you know what she had on her mind, and eyes that had no hint of any kind of shy little angel present in there.
I’d get to… whatever the fuck her name was, later. Now, I had to have a heart to heart with Gabriel Reed and let him know that his time has come; time to pay the piper, if you will. He’s not expecting what I have to tell him, but he’ll realize real quick that my offer is his destiny.
Gabriel has been a bouncer at “Un esprit sale” for around four years, and I have kept him in my sights for that entire time, watching his every move and listening to his every word. He has been a close friend to me, and I have helped him a time or two with certain aspects of his life; he knows this. What he doesn’t know, but will find out tonight, is that I have known him his whole life; I was there the day he came into this world kicking and screaming, killing his mother as his first breath was taken. She left this existence shortly after he arrived.
I finished my smoke as I glanced skyward at the full moon that mocked me from afar; the light that I used to have, briefly, flashed in my mind, but I quickly shut it down. Such thoughts were counterproductive and I had work to do. I nodded at the doorman, Bruce, as he opened the front door for me to enter. I chuckle inside every time I think about this place having a doorman; such a classy move for such a pit of shit. I embrace the madness from within and let it flow over me like sweet water cleansing my spirit. I can feel every emotion, and hear every thought of every person in this place, and it makes me grin; not one saintly soul is present.
I spot Gabriel over in a far corner off the dance floor in the shadows, where he appears to breaking up a fight between two very pissed off looking drunks. As I reach the commotion, I see that while Gabriel is focused on the first offender, trying to calm him the fuck down, the second offender, a greasy looking piece of shit, pulls a knife from his boot and draws back to stab Gabriel in the back. I grab the shithead’s arm in a tight enough grip to get his attention, and he spins around at me, like he changed his target.
As the music dies down for a second, I see murder in his eyes as he grits his teeth and says, “I will gut you like—”
His words are cut off as he looks into my eyes and sees what I want him to see; a true taste of where he will end up soon if he doesn’t change his attitude real quick.
I never say a word, but he gets the point and drops the knife, a look of absolute horror on his face. I’m pretty sure he shit himself. I know he pissed himself, because I can see the wet stain on the front of his faded, dirty jeans.
Gabriel has the other asshole in a sleeper hold as he spins around to look at me with wide eyes. All of this took place within the few seconds it had taken for the next song to kick off. I calmly nod toward the front door, and Mr. piss-pants heads that way in front of me. Gabriel closely follows me dragging his guy like a rag doll; pretty sure he was unconscious. When we got outside there were a couple of cops waiting; somebody must have phoned them while we had been in the confrontation. The cops took the two morons into custody, shaking their heads at the wet stain on my guy’s pants. Then after sitting there for another second or two, they headed out of the parking lot and out of our lives.
I lit up another smoke, turned to Gabriel and said, “How long had you planned on pretending that you don’t know why I’m here tonight?”
He smiled a crooked smile, shook his head and said, “I figured you’d lay your cards out on the table when you were ready. I’ve known you for going on four years now, and I know that you always wait until the right moment to speak.”
I chuckled a bit at his purely honest answer, and I held out my hand to him, a key between my fingers.
He looked at me a bit puzzled, but then he took the key from my grasp and immediately everything changed for him. He fell to his knees, eyes wide, mouth open with amazement as every bit of information from the past came flooding into his brain. He looked up at me with faint tears in his eyes and said, “Methial, my brother?”
“Yes, Azazael, it is me. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and a whole lot of fires to light.”

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