Intervention by Eveline Hood

“C’mon….it’ll be fun,” she said, with a smirk,” Or are you afraid to?” Fuck. She knows me too well. I HATE that, and she uses it to her every advantage. I glare at her from beneath my lashes, knowing she was right and damned if I can admit it. “Fuck off Snarla. I’m choosing to stay home. I have work to do.” She slams the lid of my laptop closed, nearly catching my fingers in the bargain. “It can wait! Get your ass up and up in the shower. Don’t make me strip you myself. Besides, the girls will be here soon,” Kira laughed, wiggling her fingers at me and stepping closer. Shaking my head, I head for the stairs, just KNOWING I was going to exposed to all kinds of debaucherous behavior. Such is the way of sister and friends. They loved me, and were tired of seeing me sit quietly.

The worst part of our job was the travel, and this country never had enough hot water. I light a joint while I wait for the water to warm, feeling the release in my head, as steam swirls up and over the closed glass door. The water was nearly scalding when I step in, hissing as the stream hits the back of my neck, instantly relaxing my shoulders. I stood for too long, with my eyes closed and just feeling, startled when a fist pounded at the bathroom door. “Didya fuckin DROWN in there? Move it!” Great, I thought as I soaped up head to toe and rinsed down, it’s going down like this is it? This isn’t a night out. We never go out when we travel. This was an intervention. And I was going to throw a monkey wrench in the engine.


Wrapping myself in a towel, my hair still dripping, I fling the door open, stepping directly into the arms of a strange man. I didn’t mind, nor did he from what I could feel. “Hello! Thanks for the hug. Who the fuck are you?” I say with a smile, not wanting to bite….hard. He smiles back, pulling me closer to him and kissing me hard. I would have pulled away, but he was a great kisser and it had been a while. He devoured my lips, our tongues dancing together as his hand wrapped itself in my hair.

I push him back a bit, my breath coming in gasps, “wait, where are my sisters? And who are you? Not that I mind,” recoiling slightly at the narrowed gaze he gave. He let go of me, watching as I backed away down the hall. My room was at the end and I could make it if I ran. He lifts his shirt over his head exposing muscles that make me hesitate for a moment, and I bolt down the hallway, reaching the door, slamming it shut, and turning the deadbolt. Why is my room dark? I turn around and see what the girls had been up to. My Sanctuary is set to inspire, candles and oils, refreshments and sustenance, all graciously provided. As was the entertainment apparently. I’d play along.


I thumbed the lock, feeling foolish and a little excited. That small voice inside said to leave it be and stay where I was, but curiosity murdered the feline and so I opened the door slowly, peeking out to see where my delightful aggressor was. He was nowhere to be seen, and my shoulders relaxed as I stepped over the threshold. I padded down the hall past the bathroom, glancing into the open doors and finding nothing. I shrugged, disappointed, and drifted back down the hall to my room, closing the door behind me and dropping the towel on the floor. The candles painted the room with their dancing flames, making the dark come alive. If I couldn’t  have him, I’d take care of it myself, nothing wrong with a little self-love.

Feeling the soft plush of my bedcover under my ass rub deliciously at my folds, I choose my method of delight, pushing the drawer closed with my foot before swinging my long legs onto the bed, again regretting not having warm flesh in my hand rather than an impersonal plastic toy. Laying back on my pillows, the night air from the window tingling on my skin I close my eyes, imagining his touch, his kiss, and it brings a wetness flowing to the surface. I didn’t know who he was, when he kissed me, and that was part of the attraction I supposed, as I let my fingers caress my sensitive button with increasing pressure. I replay the kiss over in my mind, letting my imagination wander further, and feel the exhilaration take me closer to the edge.

My fingers fumble with the plastic member, dropping it between my legs just out of reach and I sigh, the frustration deadening the desire. A hand slides along the length of my inner thigh, fingers brushing the lips of my sex gently and I startle, gasping at the intrusion into my Sanctuary and my fantasy. “Keep your eyes closed,” a whisper at my side demands as teeth nibble at my collarbone, biting deeper as I try to pull away, and change my mind.  The thrill of fear and anticipation was like an aphrodisiac, and I peeked through barely slitted lids, and smiled.  Just this once I just let it happen.

Eveline Hood


The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC All Rights Reserved


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