12/31/2013 by The Dark Sir

I’m sorry you had other plans for Us,
I’m so sorry you decided to take things away instead of give them as I had wished for,
We were very happy with what we had decided on together for this year with you,
it was all this man would have asked of you forever,
but when you let all those daggers fall on my Crimson heart,
staggered me and caused me to stumble and lose my way in this life,
made this old Wolf become lost in those dark woods,
and as that roar that deafened me raged from within,
brought to my lips by the hand of greatest loss,
and used all its strength to hurl all its daggers like rain down on My most beloved heart as it died by its own hand so very far away from mine,
out of my reach,
lost without my touch,
and as all those dreams died in my hands,
broken and bloodied by hurt and pain,
I cannot shake the memory of her words to me,
her begging voice,
cracked and lost as she fell away to that darkness she had feared within herself,
as those haunting words slipped into this world…
they mark me deeper than the ink that wielded you to my side forever My Love,
None could ever be closer now,
I made sure of it,
but still those words hang in the air near me,
I can see your lips as those words you spoke became part of this world…
as you tried to stop it all,
as you cried and screamed for us,
at yourself,
but it was too late My Love…
and all that’s left are those words of yours,
and that noise from within me…
“You’re throwing it all away”


– Vengeance

the Dark Sir 11

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