4/13/2015 by The Dark Sir

Some days,
I just wonder where you are in this world,
I catch Your scent on the street when a beautiful and elegant woman passes by me and suddenly you are there,
and I wonder if you are keeping your promise to me,
if you continue to Follow My Word,
If you are doing the best you can for You now,
Some days,
I wonder if your happier now in your life,
if your life became all I hoped it would be for You,
I wonder if you found enough money to not worry about that so much any more as you did once upon a time,
if all the fame has begun to pay out and give you the things you wished for,
I wonder,
if after you have all that,
is there One Thing that you wish you had now that you had once not so long ago,
something all the money in the world could never ever buy you…
Some days,
I just wonder a little tiny bit about such things.
*Squints at those Green eyes between fingers that are almost touching

❤️ TAD ❤️

~Her Wolf.

the Dark Sir 11

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