4/27/2015 by The Dark Sir

It’s the one Promise that can forever be counted on,
across a entire lifetime,
there’s a natural assurance unlike any other about that as well I have been so kindly told,
That precious Knowing when that’s needed most,
that I really will keep them in my heart Forever,
and no matter the years that may pass,
the moment that I am reached for,
My hand is to be found already extended,
and fear fails when it seems most powerful,
and that weight and tension flys off of shoulders,
when Kindness is to be found where it is needed most of all…
for that One Woman who has taken her place beside me,
it’s the most precious thing of all,
She Knows,
above all things in this world,
that she is truly Safe.

❤️The Bond❤️



the Dark Sir 11

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