8/15/2014 by The Dark Sir

Why is it when I see your picture I break out in a sweat?
I looked upon your face for the first time in a very long time last night,
you appeared suddenly as happens with you and I it seems,
and I was struck as my eyes and heart slowed to a stop,
I’m sure you’re as much a Tease and as much Trouble as you always were with me in Wellington…
Go on now,
Show them all what I saw in you from the first moment our eyes ever met that night at Mermaids,
show them how hard you have worked,
for so many years now to achieve all you ever wanted in this life…
that you’re the best there ever was at what you do…
show them how Diamonds can sparkle under the lights of the stage My Kitten…
show them all that you are a most beautiful and talented performer,
as I always knew you were,
good luck to you Miss
Per Amore.



per amore

the Dark Sir 11

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