Comfort by Sunny White

Slowly I brushed my hands through the soft white-pebbled sand in front of me. My knees digging into the kernels of grain that laid all around me as I gazed towards the waves of the mighty ocean. There I saw the soul of the sea, the beautiful essence who calmed the tides and rippled the lengthy emerald blankets of the earth. The taste of salt filled my mouth as I licked my lips. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt myself being beckoned.

Orange pastels gleamed in the sky as the sun was preparing for sleep. I missed him, I missed the way he felt against my skin, the way his lips caressed mine. I knew he was at one with the world now, asleep in the waters of old, a tranquil beginning to the waterfalls and the sparkling rivers that graced the thirsty lands. Their beauty represented him, their flowing elegance as they traveled far and wide. I knew he would always be around, always he would find me and comfort me.

 Sunny Whitethe_twisted_path_sunnythe_twisted_path_group


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