I smile by Sunny White

I sit quietly gazing out my bedroom window
My heart fills with deep sorrow.
My tortured souls yearns for a moment of peace.
A single cloud reaches out to me,
Silent images of puffy white cotton balls, cold like glistening snowflakes.
The bright bold sun lingers near,
its gallant rays shining its warmth and light onto the peaceful green earth.


My mother’s hair gleams like pure satin in the rays of the sun.
Black as midnight and wavy like sea ripples.
A voice can be heard through the room.
A delicate sound of an angel’s harmony.
My heart fills with rapture.
Sweet sounds of inspiration can be heard.


My tears dry, my heart seems cooled, my sorrow vanishing.
Touching the solid glass pane, I stare out at the beauty of my life.


I smile.


Sunny White




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