I’ll by Sunny white

Sometimes life can get away from us, we try our best to pull it in, the haggard reins burning our fingers as we keep our grip tightly fastened. We find a purpose, a reason to never let go.


I found mine. A tender moment, a dream that I want to become real. I see it there in a lone mirage, a spectacle that only I can go towards. I’ll capture this relic, this reward for all my hardships and pain I have endured and placed on myself. I am worth the agony, the effort and the time. I deserve the smiles, the happiness, the achievement.


I am willing to do whatever it takes, until my hands bleed and my arms can no longer pull anymore. I’ll do this, because I want success and I want to go where so many have faltered.


I’ll take 3 steps instead of 2, climb higher towards the cotton white clouds and across the vast endless emerald oceans. Up towards the shining sun, where I’ll find my bliss.


My shine, my goal, my life. ME.


Sunny White




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