Come play with me!!

The ocean cried
And tossed the small boat to and fro
The old man fraught with pride 
Struggled and fought
Barely alive
Voice rising and falling 
To the invisible man at his side 
As the ocean  bubbled and waved
In his faith began to confide
Praying to God to save him
God of the Sea, Poseidon, He
Laughed at the pleas so uttered
Trident in hand, he roiled the sea
Dove the scow deep, filled her with water
Held her there with no chance to flee
Then brought her up, let her draw air
Kissed her lips and sent her to the quay
Her half drowned passenger in tow
Along the sandy shoreline, 
Night broken by the dawn
The scow came to a shuddering settle
Weather beaten and withdrawn
The passenger stumbled ashore
The place blanketed in unfamiliar briny mist
His lungs threatened to freeze
No friendly faces came to his rescue  
Until into view came Aneliese 
Cloak’d though she was, darkness surrounded
Her long dark hair tangled in the breeze
He knows each movement like his own  heartbeat
Closer, dress rustling, comes  Aneliese 
Poseidon, His waves sound louder than before
An angry rushing like wind in his ears
Suddenly faces appear at the doors
Lanterns brighten the insistent gloom
In the light his mind begins to implore
His Aneliese, extrinsic beauty, dead, rotted
Horrified screams, beautiful no more
Mind gibbering he falls and flails
Voice barely piercing fear muffled ears
The mist echoes back terrified wails
Sharp as seabirds calls in the night
And a chuckle hard as nails 
Cuts the sound like a knife
Faces gloomy fade behind the veil
Lights give back the darkness
How would I know the shadowy details
Dead men tell no lies

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