A Welcome Surprise

“I know it’s late, and I’m really sorry for waking you, but please babe I need you to meet me.” His voice is rough, tired, he sounds off, not quite right.

“Of course, where and when? I’ll need about 5 minutes to throw on some clothes though, I am not walking out the door like this.” He can hear the concern in her voice, even as she tries to coax a smile from him. He’s thankful, he knew she’d come.

A few minutes later she’s dressed and driving. He’s on a very short list of people that can budge her from her bed at stupid hours. He wouldn’t call unless it was important, unless he really needed her. She pulls into the parking lot, his car isn’t there yet. She parks in the center of the lot, far from anything else. She’s watched enough horror movies to know, park in the light, and make sure you can see, and hear, everything. She turns off her music, and grabs the flashlight from the passenger seat. Any sound, any movement, any person coming anywhere near will have it turned on them.

He sees her car as he pulls in. Drives up right next to her, and parks. Her flashlight glances over his car and face as she confirms it’s him. He smiles lightly, her and her horror movies. He walks around to the passenger side, and gets in as she unlocks it. “Any trouble slipping out of the house?” he knows her roommate is jealous of any man she’s friends with. Last thing he wants is to cause her problems, but he needed her tonight.

“No. I left a note, said you had car trouble and that I had my cell. You wanna tell me what’s wrong, or should I just start with hugging you?” She opens her arms towards him, a slight smile on her lips.

Without hesitation he reaches across and pulls her onto his lap. His hand fists in her hair, his mouth on hers, stealing her breath, his other arm wraps around her, pulling her tightly against him. This is new, not what he had planned at all. They’re friends; it’s never been anything else. But her free arm (the other one is trapped between their bodies) moves, her hand slips around to the back of his neck, her tongue begins to dance with his, a small moan slips from her mouth into his, and now he’s changing her position, he pulls her up so that she’s straddling him, facing him, her hips pressed tightly against him, she wiggles slightly, adjusting so she feels the length of his cock pressing hard against her. He doesn’t know what started this, he doesn’t care, he needs her, and now he wants all of her.

When he pulled her onto his lap she was expecting him to hold her, not this. Never this. She’s stunned and doesn’t react for a moment but then something lets go inside and she gives him what he seems to need. Within moments, she needs. When he adjusts her position, she moves just a little, she feels his cock pressing against her through her shorts, and she moans again. Her hands reach down, pull his shirt up, they break only long enough for her to pull it over his head, when his lips connect again it’s on her neck, just below her ear, her hands tightly on his shoulders, her nails are going to leave marks but neither notices. She feels his hands on her sides, on skin. When did he unbutton her shirt? She allows him to slide it from her, her bra all that remains between her and his hands. She reaches back to undo it, wanting his hands, his grip, on her breasts. He stops her and she feels a smile against her neck, he growls low “not yet”.

She’s wearing a lacy bra, a red lace bra, a fucking gorgeous deep red lace bra. He can see her skin, her nipples through the lace. He barely glanced down as he removed her shirt, but when she goes to remove her bra for him, he grabs her wrists. Her hands are trapped behind her now, he holds both in one hand and his other grasps her hair again. He pulls her head back, causing her chest to push closer to him, higher. His mouth latches on to her breast, his teeth bite her nipple through the lace. She gasps at the sensation, moans as he suckles, the lace no true barrier to him. He releases her wrists long enough to grab the shirt he discarded from her. Her hands are on his shoulders, one moving to his neck, he stops his ministrations and grabs both hands again, pulling them behind her and using the shirt to tie them together. He wasn’t gentle, he knows that must have hurt but she’s not stopping him. His hands go to her waist, he pushes her down against him, hard, grinds himself against her heat, his mouth back on her breast, biting, sucking, licking, tasting her, marking her. The sounds coming from her are driving him mad. He has to have her. Completely.

She snaps back to reality when he wrenches her arms behind her, it hurts. But before she can make herself say something he’s grinding against her, his mouth is back on her breast, he’s laying claim to her in almost every way, and her thoughts slip away again. She can’t touch him, she keeps trying to get her hands free, she needs to touch him, but he did a better job than she expected. One hand leaves her waist, she’s not quite so tight against him now, but it doesn’t matter as the wandering hand slips into her shorts. She sleeps nude, she’d grabbed her bra because she needs the support, she hadn’t bothered to grab panties, and he smiles against her breast.

His hand still on her waist grabs the materials of her shorts and lifts her slightly, he bites her nipple hard as he thrusts three fingers inside of her. His thumb on her clit begins to rub as he moves his fingers in and out, maddeningly slow. He speeds up just a little, he loves the sounds she’s making. How did he go so long without hearing them? She’s so wet, so tight, the feeling on her clenched around his fingers is nearly enough to make him explode. He can’t take it anymore, his other hand leaves her waist, grabs the handle at the side of his chair, and he leans it all the way back, she nearly falls on him with the sudden loss of support, he leans his head forward and takes her other nipple into his mouth. In the shadows he can’t be certain but he thinks the one breast is covered in hickeys, or are they bruises? He’s hoping he hasn’t actually hurt her, she has yet to complain, try to move away, anything. She’s made no sounds save for her moans, gasps…. His thoughts slip away again and he removes his hand from her pussy. She whimpers and he nearly cums with the sound.

His hand is gone, she wants it back, needs to be filled by him. Suddenly she’s on her back on his seat, her shorts gone, his pants seem to have melted away as if by magic, and just as she realizes this he slams his cock deep inside her. Her arms trapped beneath her, ache with the movement, his mouth is back on hers, his hand gripping her breast, squeezing tightly, and it aches too, but the biggest ache is between her legs every time he pulls out. That aches goes away as soon as he sheaths himself back in her heat, and that ache wins. She doesn’t care about her shoulders, her breasts, or her wrists right now. All she wants is for him to cum inside of her. Now. She’s so close to the edge but she doesn’t want to go alone.

“Cum for me.” He commands her. He feels her clench tightly around him, and he allows himself to fill her. Her body is milking him, draining every last seed from him, and still he’s hard, still she wants more. Her phone rings, and they both jump at the intrusive sound. He reaches behind her and releases her arms, picks it up, and hands it to her as she’s trying to get her breathing under control. He smiles at her as she answers.

“Yes everything’s fine. We got his car running. We’re having a chat. I’ll be there when I get there.” She sees his smile grow as she talks to her roommate. He flexes his cock inside of her and she fights back a moan. “Seriously? Give it a rest would you. I said I’ll be there when I get there.” She knows he can hear her roomie’s voice, the man never has been capable of keeping his voice down. He begins to move, slowly, deliberately, winding her back up within moments. “I have to go. I’ll be there in a bit.” She hangs up the phone, drops it on the floor, and reaches for him. Her phone begins to ring again, unheeded beneath the seat.


Siara Tyr


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