Longing – A Muse About Love by Kelly Brandsness


Tomorrow I shall seen your eyes, and hold your hand in mine. The rapture that encased my heart will not be denied.

Tonight as my head rests upon pillow,my thoughts swirl with longing. I close my eyes but no sleep shall be had, for in mere hours our day will be dawning.

Oh yes! The sun has risen and evening is hours away. I will finally tell you I love you so ~ of this I feel sure and brave!

Other is not one doubt running amok to question how I feel. For many a year now heart has been closed, but this time it is for real.

Oh the evening has come and all work is done,as I sit excited and free. Going over and over in mine head exactly what I will say to thee.

An hour or so passes……You do not arrive, and my heart begins to sink. You’ve never not come to me when you claimed you would, so what am I to think?

I drive home without you I feel sick inside and doubt clouds my eyes. As the waterfalls spill downy cheeks, why am I surprised?

For true love adores to evade me a great deal of the time. I am the queen of broken hearts for love, oh real love, is no dear friend of mine.


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