Slayful Stories

SlayFul Stories now available on Amazon



I am very pleased to share with you the publication of my first book, Slayful Stories, Volume 1. Yes there are more volumes to come, and Volume 2 is already underway.  


Inside Volume 1, you will find a collection of my own favorite stories, starting with my pride and joy, the poem Swing.  Below you will find the interpretation of Swing by the multi talented Carlette Norwood of Lette’s Chat


I have a few words of thanks to give…so bear with me.

To my own little circle of monsters, Richard, SammyB, and DaveyB.  The fun is just beginning


Thank you to Tim Miller, the creator of my amazing book cover, and a great mentor as I negotiated my way through the self-publishing world. You are amazing my friend xo


To Blaze McRobthank you so very much for the wonderful review. I will treasure it as I do our friendship.


To my Family at The Twisted Path Group for their constant support.  Truly could not have managed without you.


And thank you to all of you who have shown intererest in my words.  I hope you will enjoy the journey….



Cover Created by Tim Miller
Cover Created by Tim Miller

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