The Road Less Traveled – A Collaboration

A Collaboration by Carolyn Graham and Melanie McCurdie

God I hate this.

I’m without a car and I have to take the fucking bus again.  Life is so unfair.  I’d been having issues with it for about a week and had to take the bus twice.  I called the mechanic who said it’d take 3 weeks to get to it so I decided to let my ex-husband look at it.  He said the alternator needed to be replaced…no big deal…he’s done it before on his car but SOMEHOW he screwed mine up.  He was able to get it into his mechanic and told me he’d help me pay for it but it would take about a week to get it done. FML

I called my boss to fill him in on the situation. He’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked for…totally understanding my situation. Said to just be safe…there are some real psychos on the bus. Great. Just what I needed to hear.

On my way to the terminal I got a sinking feeling in my chest…a bizarre sensation something ominous was going to happen. I tried to shake it off but I saw her and it just got worse.  Memories of my last bus ride came flooding back.  Her eyes, the staring, the odd sense of foreboding & dread that stayed with me for days.  As soon as I’d gotten on the bus our eyes locked…it’s like she could see right into my soul and wanted to tear it apart. But something else, almost pleasurable, as if she’d make sure I’d enjoy it while she tortured the life out of me.  I had to wrench my eyes away and take my seat.

She glared at me during every stop, her eyes never leaving her overhead mirror until she was back on the road.  When it came my turn I felt her hand brush my leg as I exited and it was like an electric shock…I jumped slightly as I turned to stare at her, my heart beating as fast as a rabbit.  Her lips curled up on one side in a lascivious sneer as if she was seeing me naked and enjoying every second.  She was pretty, quite exotic in a way and in any other occasion I would have welcomed it.  I mean it’s not like I hadn’t been down that road before but this was totally different.  She terrified me, and my mind reeled at the idea of her getting her hands on me.

So now here we were, again, and it took every ounce of strength in me to board the bus. She saw me as I got on and that leering smile crept over her pretty face turning it into something almost demonic. I shrank back from it, almost stumbling down the aisle into my seat. I felt like I couldn’t breathe then the stench from the person in the next seat almost knocked me down. JFC it’s like they let any freak on this thing!

She looked like she hadn’t bathed in a month and I heard her mumbling to herself as she glanced at me occasionally…something about “she’s gonna get you” but I couldn’t make out the rest. She was picking pieces of used gum off the back of the seat in front of her and putting them in her worn out bag. I shivered as I felt the bus lurch forward and my eyes widened as I gripped the edge of my seat hearing the screams from everyone outside as we hit the first body…..


It’s summertime and all the pretty girls are wearing short shorts and death mask faces. Everyone is.  The Devil spoke to me as I walked the short distance to the garages that line the service road. I don’t know why he is plaguing my life, filling my nights with endless deviant sexual torment that leaves me breathless and covered in hand prints burned on my skin.

Everyday I see her, He whispers in my head the things he could do to her, with my body. We could, he says, with claws in my mind and his molten cock inside me, making me look at her. See her covered in bite marks and bruises, bloody.  Her rouged lips swollen,  making them pouty, makeup. smeared from her tears.

I see me transformed, becoming a monster.  I am afraid.

It’s winter and the sun is shining, the snow is stained with angel wings and body parts.  Not wings but innards. A woman, her extremities missing, and her guys strewn hither and yon.    A man’s head revolves slowly, the top of his hat scraping against the ice as its eyes roll back.

I try to stop and feel the solid thunk of the wheels as they roll easily over the remainders of life. I feel sick and He is laughing huskily in my ear, whispering names, his fiery fingers dancing along the nerve endings along my ribs.

I can’t resist him.

It’s summer and I’m on fire,  on the cement sidewalk. I rest my burning  forehead as He tells me  lies, and I see her, lifting my head from the stifling air to follow his finger.

“No. I won’t.” and my voice is stolen by his touch, my body convulsing in pain and pleasure, reacting to his chuckling words, “You will.”  No, I shake my head, denying the hunger rising in my throat.  My mind hurts.

It’s autumn and the air Is chilly, tiny frigid teeth that nip at my uncovered flesh desirous rather than uncomfortable. I’ve been so warm all of the time.  My supervisor has been watching me, rather closely and with rapt attention. I’ve heard the rumours in the ladies room, those giggling fools. They are little more than distractions.

The garage is empty, my footfalls echoing in the silence.  I feel eyes on my ass, greedily crawling over my body, following me as I head to the change room.  I wish he’d stop watching and act.

A flood of the vapid women I despise greets me, their voices scraping against my ears. He is close, and they scatter as the door slams behind me. At least I am alone.  The air is thick with perfume and hairspray, a heady aroma that stings my nose. I wish I had a joint. The largest stall is open, the toilet out-of-order, and the door doesn’t lock but I don’t need it.

Her short flirty floral dress moves against her thighs, and I sigh, watching her bend go pull the unflattering uniform from her bag, and then begin sliding the dress from her shoulders.

The heavy sound of the door opening interrupts her thoughts, and the tiny click as it is locked gives me some concern. Less so than the excitement building in my loins. She stands frozen, lips slightly parted and shining in the light. Naughty girl, she was hoping I’d come find her, and I find her smoking hot and naked as the day she was born.

The stall door opens silently, and j creep towards her, undetected.  I want to destroy her and worship her. Worship her…? She is so near and I wrap my arms around her, hands covering her ample breasts, her nipples pressing against my palms as i bite her shoulders.

“Stop teasing.”

He stiffens and pulls away slightly, his erection betraying him as I lean back, closing the gap between us. “You owe me,” i murmur, “So many times you’ve watched me.  Followed me. Sat outside my bedroom window. I knew you were there.”

I see stars, my cheek banging into the tile wall hard enough to scratch skin.  “Say my name,” his breath rasps against my shoulder, and the weight of his body steals mine. It occurs to me that I don’t know his name, and it ceases to matter as I’m lit on fire,

“No. Say mine”

Her voice is lusty and full of persuasion, and I slammed her hard against the wall again with the force of my thrust. Smart ass bitch. But she bounced back nicely, whispering something in a weird language as she grinds her pussy on my cock.

None of the others had been this into it. I’d had to pay them off. This one had me in a death grip, laughing in a harsh exhale and screaming for more.  My skin is so hot Id swear I’m steaming and so is she I must be hurting her but she writhes in my arms and I can’t help myself I cum, and I’m so deep inside her….I have no regrets…

He fills me with his seed and it burns like ice fire and I scream as I climax and burn him as he moans his pleasure. A few more convulsions he slides out my body to the floor, where he smolders, with a smile. Its her. She’s the One.  A few moments later, free of abrasions and dressed in the polyester nightmare of a uniform, I boarded bus 777,

Every soul that entered behind me, blackened. Marred. One went so far as to offer to “chew on my clit on our field trip through hell.”  He’d do nicely as my assistant.

That one woman. Her innocence shone in her eyes.  So did her interest in me. I wonder what I could make her do.   It was her that screamed as the first bodies jolted the tires.

caro mel collab


The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

Matt Farnsworth on Facebook   Matt Farnsworth Films     

“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC All Rights Reserved
Cover Created by Tim Miller
Cover Created by Tim Miller

Slayful Stories Volume 1 is now available for Kindle and in paperback

Coming soon Volume 2 – The Death Maiden Journeys


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