Defibrillator by Kelly Brandsness

Clear! Chest rises up ….silence surrounds …
Shoulders slink back to the earth… His eyes widen, filled with tension
Clear! Her face falls to the side eyes shut tight…
More silence, no movement…only wind swirling gently
Clear! Cleaaaaaar…..clear! Tears begin to fill his eyes….
For she is lost to him…His forever love..shall he leave?
Clear! “Not again!” he shouts into the night sky….
His lips press to hers once again… Gently coaxing her with his kisses
Clear! A soft moan escapes into his mouth and soul …..
She is here again…looking right at him,
Eyes moisten with joy
“Where have you been my love?” She softly whispers
“Finding my heart and bringing it back to you darling” he softly smiled
Cleaaaaaar! kerthunk… kerthunk…



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