Rialtos Cape part II by Kelly Brandsness


As he lowered his lips towards mine, he paused lifting my hand that he had slid from between my legs.. He began to suckle my finger tips. His gaze locked once more with mine as the vibrations of his moans danced across my skin. It seemed as if every nerve was reacting to this single, sensual act. I shivered over and over again as he made sure to leave not once trace of what I had done to myself upon my fingers.

Once again he was leaning towards me, and my whole body was alive with anticipation at the thought of the magic his kiss could bring. My eyes fluttered closed, waiting, waiting….

 ” You’re delicious” He whispered in my ear making me jump ever so slightly, he placed his hand upon my midriff to settle me back into my cape.

 His other fingers slipped under my hair and acrossed the back of my neck with achingly slow deliberation. I closed my eyes once again, waiting for this life altering kiss. His lips were upon mine in a suprisingly gentle and sweet kiss. He cupped my head in his hand, entagliong my hair in his fingers and urged my lips more deeply against his.

My lips were parted evcer so slightly by his as our kiss deepened. I swore at that moment that the world had dropped completely from beneath us and we were floating effortlessly above the ground. The electrical charge between us was traveling back and forth between the two of us. We both moaned as our kiss became more and more hungry.

I could feel my nipples harden and stand away from the soft flesh of my breasts as they acjed for both his touch and his mouth. Softly he lowered my head back onto the hood of my cape and pulled his lips from mine. It was now dark outside, and light had disappeared from around us. Yet we stared at each other as if there were a light illuminating both of our faces, our breaths ragged and tangling in the cool air between us.

“MMMM woman” His voice was low and gravely. He stood up slowly and began removing his jeans, sliding then down his slight hips and towards the sand. I tried to avert my eyes froms earching for his manhood which should have been at full staff in my experience. He had backed away just enough to grasp his jeans and fling them into the dark abyss behind him as if he would never have use for them again.

I suppressed a girlish giggle and covered my mouth with my fingers. My eyebrow arched playfully as he laughed low and deep walking a half circle to stand at the base of my cape. The moonlight seemed to be casting quite the light upon his skin, it seemed he knew this would happpen. His skin was pale like mine, the muscles in his arms and abdomen were tight and well sculpted. He looked like a greek statue. Once again I dared lower my eyes towards where his cock was, the light trail of brown hair that led there was exciting to follow with my unappologetic eyes. I widened my eyes and tipped my head up for a greater view and he dropped to his knees at my feet.

” Soon enough you will feel me” He stated as his hands pressed on my knees. ” But first I am going to lap at your sweet womanhood as if it were my last meal”.

Even if I wanted to fight hima nd tell him no, I knew it would be futile. So I allowed him the bend my legs at the knee and layed there. I was shivering with an unfamiliar hunger that I had never felt for any other man in my life. To be truthfull, I was never this brazen or open legged for any other man in my life, let alone a complete stranger from out of nowhere, on the beach at night, all alone.

Just as began to question both our motives, he started spreading kisses down the insides of my thighs, back and forth one thigh to the other. Every now and then he would leave a tingling love bite here and there, each one provoked an animalistic groan from me.

“Mmmmm” He low as he parted my swollen lips. He then drew a line with the tip of his tongue from my tight opening all the way to my jutting aching clitoris.

I called out into the night above me, am sure my voice even reached the stars above. The moonlight seemed to brighten again upon us both and the ocean breeze settled into a soft caress upon both of our bodies.

His tongue bgean lapping gently at the tip of my clit, over and over. I grasped for my cape calling out primaly as his tongue made circles again and again on me. His warm mouth closed over me and he started suckling at the tender skin surrounding my clit as his tongue made circle after dizzying circle.

Hips shuddering. body near explosion, his tongue stopped the circling and began to tease one particular side of my clit. He had found my sweet spot, all on his talented own. When I gasped and my hips stilled, his mouth tightened on me and his tongue kept doing it’s magic on me. He started slowly and then more and more swiftly.

My mind was spinning as my hips levitated off my cape. My body gave way to the first hard flow of womanly juices as I cried out to the stars above us over and over my hands digging into the sides of my cape and grasping at it tightly. He was growling with passion and moaning as he bgena to lick me into one electrifying orgasm after another. I could feel my love juices flowing freely from me in waves and drizzling across my lips. He would pause just enough to lick my lips clean and begin sending me into bodily heaven once more.

I wanted to beg him to stopunsure of my mind or my body could withstand anymore pleasure. Yet this was so new and different for me. Being pleasured to the brink of my own sanity, allowing myself to fall off this sexual cliff with no preset escape plan “Just in case”.

Finally, he paused long enough to coax my shaking hips back down to the earth. He blew his breath across my clit and lips like a gentle breeze and said “shhhh quiet now” As if my womanhood had a mind of it’s own.

I was desperately trying to catch my breath and put together a resonable thought in my head, anything to right my mind again. I laid my forearm across my eyes for a moment and licked my lips. Still I could not move.

He ran his fingertips up the insides of my thighs “My….my…I have never had or tasted a woman such as you”.His hands then moved to my hips and he gently massaged them. Still, I layed there speechless. I did manage to lift my head to look down at him. He gently put his hands around my waist and slid my ass so it was perched upon his muscular thighs.

“Do you want my tongue, my fingers, or me?” He asked teasing my opening with his finger tip.

My mouth opened, I captured his eyes with mine. Speechless, rendered speechless.

“Shall I decide for you?” He lifted a brow and pressed the tip of his finger inside of me “Mmm, so tight and warm”.

I gorlwed as if I were angry, but I was far from it as my juices readily flowed directly onto his hand. “Mmmm yet another Lovely suprise”> He said a little too smuggly for my liking.

I scrambled away from him up to the hood of my cape where I crouched as if I were about to make an escape into the darkness of the night.

“Yet another reaction I did not see comming”. He said more softly, but stayed exactly where he was. His face went from delighted to serious again as it had been when I first saw him.

“Wh Wh Who are you?” I managed.

“Your beloved” He answered a sweet knowing smile spread across his lips.

“M My  beloved?” I stammered.

He moved a little closer. “Mmmhmm, yes my love”. He smiled fully this time reaches his hand across to touch my cheek.

I pulled back slightly. “Those do not exiast” I said matter of factly, raising my eyebrow in challenge.

He stopped smiling again, keeping his hand streched out towards me. “My darling, you are very mistaken”.He kept his tone gentle.

“Hmmm” I murmured., folding my arms over my bare breasts and relaxing from a crouch to my knees.

“I wasn’t to appear to you until you were ready.” He moved a little closer and traced his fingers along my jawline and then my lips. “Do you know how long I have waited?”

I shook my head no, his touch bringing me back to the moment between the two of us, the world once again falling away.

“I have been very far away from you for a very long time. As recently as a few weeks ago, when you bought this cape in the nearby vintage shop, I have been very close to you. I have had to be in the back ground, because I was told to do so. His eyes darkened with a sadness that made my brows furrow.

He continued his story “When you found the cape, such joy washed over me. I knew my waiting was over, and that I could reveal myself to you. So that we could be together, as beloveds, kindred spirits, lovers, without anything keeping us apart ever again”.

I looked down at the deep grey lining of the cape. “This cape is what brought you to me?”

“Yes  my love, it is our common thread, what binds our souls as one”. He stroked my cheek again with his finger tip “Your skin is exquisite”.

I could feel my face begin to flush with color, I had always prided myself on being a non-blusher. Not with him around. “So, about the cape…”

He interrupted me as gently as he could “My love, how much longer are you going to make me wait to be one with you? For there will be time to tell you more about the cape when we lay together later.”

He felt me stiffen a bit. “Very well” He sighed pulling me down to the cape with him. He put his arm around me and began to gently caress my hair as I lay my head upon his chest.

My body was yelling out “What the hell is wrong with you?! I want him now!”

I tried to ignore my urge kiss and touch him on every single inch of his body.

Rialto’s inner dialog (” My beloved? Those words only existed in the 17th century, certainly not now. Who talks this way in the here and now, no one! “)

As I began a conversation in my own head, he sweetly kissed my damp temple “Rialto” He whispered, plating more sweet loving kisses. He knew my name.

The conversation in my head came to an abrupt stop as I realized that my physical need to be with him was overriding my realistic need to know about the cape underneath us.

Throwing my practical thoughts aside as he had with his pair of jeans, I bgean teasingly kissing his chest. I even grazed tyhe tip of his nipple with my tongue. He shuddered and moaned under me.

My finger tips ran down the length of his abdomen in a gentle caress, my target, his manhood. Me moan and leaned slightly to capture my mouth with his in perfect syncronocity with my hand sliding around his hard, swollen shaft.

I stroked his perfect length and width up and down slowly as our kiss became more urgent, more fiery. My body was filled with need as he rocked his his while I pleasured him. I was enjoying making him feel good. OUr kisses were almost biting and deep as we took turns suckling on each others bottum lip. Moaning and writhing together, he slipped his finger between my moistened lips and began to rub me once more.

Once again, he rolledme under him and positioned his cock at the opening of me, I lifted myself up to greet him, but he pressed my hips back down to the cape. “Are you ready for me?” he leaned down over me, his eyes dark green and marbled with desire as were my gray ones. Our eyes met and stayed there as he pressed his head into my tightness, my body shuddered and covered his head with glistening wetness.

He then pushed his full length into me, fil;ling me and causing such a sensation that I could barely keep my eyes opened and locked into his. My body shook again, he was much larger than I was used to. He reached up and traced his thumb across my temple softly.

“Did I wound you my love?”

“No” I breathed out.

“Shall I slow myself?”

“Mmmm, no my love”.

With that, his mouth was upon my neck face and shoulders, kissing and teasing as his hardness slid sumptously in and out of me. Each thrust bringing me closer to the edge of the cliff of exctasy he had sent me over earlier.

“Please say my name my love”. He begged as he kissed at my ear.

I had no clue where it came from but “Aiden” escaped my lips without effort. It was as if I had known it all along.

“Yes, my love” His voice gravly and low again “You are now my woman, my sweet Rialto and I am your man, your Aiden. Please spill your love upon me once again my woman, soak me in your joyous warmth.”

He slid his length almost all the way out of me, and paused looking at me with such, such love and devotion that I nearly burst into tears. Then he slid himslef deep into me and my body responded with another wet and shuddering orgasm. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his hips and clamped myself down onto his hard cock as if I would never let it out of me again.

He stilled himself for a moment as I relaxed and then thrusted himself deep inside of me as he could get, his hips shaking uncontrollably he filled me with his warmth, spurts and spurts of lovely warmth that I could both feel and savor. As he gently lowered his body onto mine he sighed deeply  ” My darling”. He whispered kissing my face and mouth sweetly once again.

He looked down at me again with such warmth as I felt a peace wash over me that I had never experienced before him. Once again i lay in his arms as he ran his fingers across my hair. My arm wrapped around his waist and we  quitely layed there together, nothing but the crashing waves nearby to serve as noise.

As he wrapped each side of my cape around us, i fell into the deepest most satisfying sleep of my life, safe and loved.

When I finally opened my eyes, I was in a room, candle light as my only source for seeing. I was in a large bed with a dark canopy, the bed was huge, very old and made of cherrywood. the drapery that clung to the top of the bed was a dark crimson red, not unlike that of my cape. I sat up with a start, pulling my tangled locks of of my face. Aiden sat next to me on the bed, that knowing amd warm smile had returned.

“Welcome to our humble castle, Lady Rialto.” He gestured around the room.

 I was rendered speechless once again, “Time Travel? What’s next? Pregnancy for women like myself who are unable to have children?”

Aiden Laughed warmly taking my hand in his as I felt a flutter deep inside of me….my eyes opened wide…..

                                                                                     The End 



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