Pieces by The Tree Writer

She lies on the floor, folded over like a thrown-away towel. Pieces of her lie scattered all around her. Childhood images shattered and torn: Boyfriends’ and past lovers’ memories strewn all over the dark, damp, musty-smelling floor. She has hit rock bottom, as it is well-known to some, for many possible different reasons.

She slowly awakens to find this place. She is alone and very withdrawn.  She feels shaken and torn, scattered and bruised, deserted and abused.  The cuts in her are deep and freshly bleeding. She does not hold her head up high. She wonders how she got here. She remembers lights flashing and laughter so many, many years ago.

A door opens in the distance. He walks in and begins to pick up the pieces. He sorts them and arranges them on a table that she at first doesn’t notice. She starts to frantically pick up pieces herself as if to hoard them from being yet another thing taken away.  He stops.  He looks into her eyes. She quickly dashes eyes downward, afraid he might see her damages inside. She does not know what he could possibly want from her.  He offers her his hand and guides her upright, toward the table of pieces. She sees them in order of when they happened, coming together slowly.

He knows me! Her eyes light up! But how?  He raises her eyes to his. She remembers him as the one who stood by her, the one who understood all she had gone through and was going through now. He is soft-spoken with his whispers. He caresses her shoulders and hugs her gently.  He speaks of things being alright and things that will be: things that can come together again, exciting new ideas and places, new things of the future, things which are foreign to her.  She was so afraid to try again and rebuild herself. This was going to be difficult.

He comforts her again. He lets her know she is safe here, yet she needs to move on from here.  He asks her if he can guide her further, into a new light and beautiful places.  She is frozen in shock of his offer of help. No promises, no strings attached and no requirements to meet. She feels overwhelming safety in him and belief in him as well. She follows him blindly out of the room.

She quickened her sure-footed steps, emulating his confidence. She is elated to be feeling so free.  She works hard at funding the redecorations of the room.  To her, it is important for their home to feel warm and welcoming, and safe and secure.  She finds herself happily cleaning up the room and finding more things to be rid of.  Creating space is essential for better things to come.  She continues the support talks she has recently started with Him.  Daily, for hours, they talk of hope and new adventures. They speak of plans for new things and feelings to be handled.  Talks of what had been and how it affected her helped to heal things so fast for her and brought her shame at the same time.

The wounds are magically healing faster than expected; or faster than she expected. Time flies by and the days and months of waiting are gone.  He makes this so easy for her! All she needed was to be believed in, for once. She feels as though she’s been flying for centuries! The ease of everything is so unimaginable. She is working for the first time in several years and finds that it is simple, by design. She is happy, again.

The Book is just starting. …  It Begins with Hope.


The Tree Writer


Raw Screenshot from The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Photo by Matt Farnsworth, Creator Releasing 2015  ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Raw Screenshot from The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood
Photo by Matt Farnsworth, Creator
Releasing 2015
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

Matt Farnsworth on Facebook   Matt Farnsworth Films     

“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC All Rights Reserved
Cover Created by Tim Miller
Cover Created by Tim Miller

Slayful Stories Volume 1 is now available for Kindle and in paperback

Coming soon Volume 2 – The Death Maiden Journeys


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