It’s been weeks since my last full nights sleep.  A good night as of late is three hours without sitting bolt upright in bed naked with my hands up in defence. And usually yelling. This morning was no exception and now I have a pulled fucking muscle.  Now my shoulder aches and burns like a bitch and I’m expected to be sociable today.  I don’t want to be.I was hard pressed to even play the pretend game yesterday but my best friend, the louse, extracted a promise under threat of … anyway, I promised I’d go and I’ll follow through, under extreme duress and likely bitching and   whining the whole way but oh how I hate people with a passion.  I used this line of reasoning complete with examples but Lucy just laughed and slapped my ass before she slammed the door behind her.  Bitch. I love her.

It was already seven am and she would be here at nine. I could be ready in 10 minutes, with five to spare but she had anticipated me and insisted I “wear something appropriate. Put on a fucking dress. And makeup. The works.”  That’s when I knew exactly what she was up to. This is another dating intervention and I shudder to think what she’s done to me this time. In the name of everything metal  I hope it’s not another one of those pretentious egotists; If it must be, I hope he is better at fucking and other indoor sports than the last one.  She could at least make sure he is endowed enough to make the torture worth it, I mutter, sliding from my warm bed to my feet with a shiver. It’s cold this morning.

My phone shrieks and I laugh. The ringtone never fails to amuse, and I wait til the last second to answer, hoping the caller would give up and text.  They don’t and I answer in a huff.   “What? I’m busy.”  The derisive snort that answers makes me roll my eyes. “And what has you so busy? Last time I checked you were leading the bench, lady,” Lucy chuckles at her own hilarity and I nod my head in agreement, and snarl in return, “If you must know, I have a tall, dark, well-hung gorgeous guy licking my kneecap as we speak. I gotta go.”

“You fucking WISH!  Your dildo doesn’t count. Are you up? You better be in a dress.  Play nice Snarla.”  I hated her too sometimes and affirmed that I indeed up and was wearing the silver lamée slingshot micromini that I borrowed from Kiki at the Klub.  She hung up on me in disgust.  I win this round.

I need to wake and bake before jumping under those delicious stinging needles of heat, and step out onto the small balcony off of my bedroom to light a joint.  In the east, the sun is slowly rising, and the sky on fire. So are my lungs.  They burn , and the Herb does what it does best.   I hold it while the first rays of warmth touch my nude body; exhaling, I smile and take another hit, relishing the watchful, lustful eyes of my neighbour on my ass, then my tits as I stretch and twist in a feline manner, exhaling with a laugh.  My head is clearer, at last, and I toke once more before tamping it out and returning to the shower and letting the scalding water wash away the nightmare residue.

The water was so hot, nearly molten and I sighed. I was so very elevated, the sluicing of water across my sensitive nipples made them stand taut.  I soaped up to a thick lather, enjoying the sensual way it slid down my skin like a lover’s touch.  I need to get laid.   Once out of the bathroom,  I stagger, the cool air like a brick wall, and wrapped in my towel, lay panting on my bed.  Too warm and I tear the fluffy cotton covering off and I close my eyes.  My body relaxes, almost sinking into the mattress and I feel myself drifting away.  Lucy will kill me.

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I’m adrift on the ocean, my mind bobbing with my breathing. It’s so warm, like hellfire on my skin, and I break out in chill bumps when hands wrap around my ankles gently. They begin to inch upwards, slowly pushing my knees apart, the wetness of a tongue traces the path of the hands, now resting on my inner thighs. I couldn’t open my eyes and didn’t really want to. It had been so long since anyone had touched me that way, I couldn’t have cared less if it was a tentacled monster, as long as it continued doing what it was doing.

The hands held my thighs firmly to the bed, and I couldn’t help but squirm as the tongue twisted, leaving patterns that cooled in the air. I was all sensation, writhing as the tongue stops, lingers, making me hot, beg.  I’m wild for more, desperate for release, and I move my hand to rub myself. It is slapped away and I whimper, moving it back to have it slapped away again. I can’t help myself and moan Oh yes  I want more. Touch me everywhere.  And then a tongue, running around and over my clit, and it feels so good that I put my hands out to pull the lips, the tongue closer only to find them restrained on the soft insides of my legs. Put your fingers inside me I beg again.  My body shakes, craves penetration and I cry out when my right hand is released and two fingers slip easily into my pussy, and a third into my ass.

There are eyes on my face, watching me finally just give in and let the wave of pleasure overtake me. The rhythmic motion of the digits was bringing me closer, closer to the orgasm that I was desperate for. Fingers hooked into gentle claws begin to drag across the upper wall of my tunnel faster yet. Please, please, I want to cum on your fucking hand I gasp, needing  to cum so badly but the hand stops and I’m so close to the edge, it hurts. A light laugh, male, low and full of desire whispers along my belly, turning my insides to a quivering mass of want.

I feel the fingers wriggle, stroking, fucking me again, a strong thumb on my clit rubbing and I buck my hips in time with the thrusts.  I spread my legs wider, and feel my opening exposed as the warm steady pressure the head of someone’s dick against my slit is turns me into an animal. I want it inside me so much that a small noise of frustration escapes.  I  feel the hard length of a cock sliding to me, filling me and it feels so good that I pant for air and lift my ass off the bed.  It’s shoved back down with the intensity of the pounding it was taking, the rigid member of a stranger slamming into my wet pussy hard enough to make my body bounce on he bed beneath me.

The electrifying sensation of a warm mouth wrapping around one of my nipples and fingers twisting the other forcefully, then harder, biting down when I squeal.  Oh my pussy is wet and the stranger keeps thrusting so hard and I shout oh fuck Fuck me,  rubbing my clit frantically.  The rock hard cock deep,  deeper inside my pussy and the percussive slap of his  balls against my ass keep time with his grunts.  I wrap my legs around his waist, attempting  pull him deeper inside me and fall over the edge of ecstasy.


Shaking from the pleasure, I feel the hardness pull out and a new pressure against my tight hole before the strangers throbbing erection is buried in my ass and his fingers are buried in my cunt, both in unison as hard as he could go.  I was sure I had died and went to heaven, screaming fuck me harder and begging for more.  The dick in my ass jerks and quivers,  spraying my canal with hot ejaculate, and the hand between my legs keeps stabbing my pussy with sopping fingers until I soak the sheets under me again.

Then, they are gone, pulled out of me.  I feel so empty.  The strangers feelers shove themselves into my mouth and I taste my juices lightly as I lick them clean.  I want more and nearly cheer when they are pushed back into me with a rougher touch. It hurts now, and I don’t care.  It hurts so good every time the strangers knuckles slam into me that I push back against them, riding them until I explode again.  I’m tired now and the hand keeps going, the mouth biting my sensitive nipple hard enough to make me shout and cum again.  The stranger laughs. I open my eyes and his laugh turns into a scream. I see his face for a split second and I awake, naked and spread eagle, the sheets soaked underneath me.  My phone.

“I’m on my way,” Lucy bellows and jump, running to the shower to clean up quickly.  My thighs ache and my pussy does too, and it makes me smile.  Throwing my hair into a loose up do, and slipping my little blue dress, I had just enough time to dash on some makeup before Lucy was bursting through the door.   My nipples rub sorely against the snug fabric,pulling almost painfully as I sit in her car, perplexed, shifting now and then to relieve the pulsing between my legs. I want more of that.

The party was in full swing when we arrived. Lucy scans the room and drags me to a darkened corner where a man with a familiar face stands to greet me.  He smiles at me with an almost evil leer, the touch of his hand quite familiar.  Now I know it was a good idea to come after all.  Now its his turn.



Raw Screenshot from The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Photo by Matt Farnsworth, Creator Releasing 2015  ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Raw Screenshot from The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood
Photo by Matt Farnsworth, Creator
Releasing 2015
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

Matt Farnsworth on Facebook   Matt Farnsworth Films     

“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC All Rights Reserved
Cover Created by Tim Miller

Slayful Stories Volume 1 is now available for Kindle and in paperback

Coming soon Volume 2 – The Death Maiden Journeys


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