Like Glass by Eveline Hood

“Realisation cuts like glass.”



He leaned forward and poked her shoulder gently,

and watched her eyes focus quickly with a narrowed glare.




“You zoned out. Am I boring you?”


The light gurgle from her left caught her attention. He was pouring more wine and she didn’t want more booze. She wanted away from him


“Oh. I’m sorry, I guess I spoke out loud,” she shrugged, dropping her eyes and scanning deserted street.


“You tend to do that a lot. Shut the fuck up once in a while and give others a chance.”

The deep burgundy shimmering in her glass interrupted her inner monologue, as did the shimmer in his eyes.  Pits of Hell.


“Oh Ha Ha very funny. We both know it’s better that I don’t say what I think. Besides you talking enough for me

and those people over there…maybe that chipmunk on the ledge.



“Why are you being this way? Jesus, I’m here with you aren’t I?

This isn’t you.”


She shook her head and sighed,

“Because your lips are moving and full of Je ne c’est quoi and it’s adorable.”


He snorted, smiling at her as she continued,

“All that poetry you just spouted.

I laughed because it’s beautiful and I’m just the tiniest bit jealous because I don’t inspire that.”


His smile faded a bit, failed further when hers did too.


“It aches a little too because I’m not really here listening to you.

Realisation cuts like glass I said. All I am is a mirror.”


“Come on. You know damned well..”


She cut him off, interjecting and lowering her voice,

“Not one time in the many that we sat like this have you asked about me. Not once.”


He stumbled and stuttered, and it broke her heart to see he had no response,


“No.  Don’t.

God please stop!!

Don’t you get it?

I had to see for myself that I was cellophane.

At least now I know and you don’t have to try anymore.

I’m so sick of pretending.”

She pushed her chair noisily backward, and rose to her feet while smoothing her skirt.

“I love you. you big fucking idiot. Always will, but I’m not a mirror,”

she kindly smiled into his eyes before leaning to kiss his lips,

“One day you’ll learn that realisation can cut you, too.”


Eveline Hood



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