Statue of She by Eveline Hood

She sits in silence, her eyes closed with a sweet distracted smile on her lips
She pretends to blend in with the crowd and fails
She wasn’t meant to blend in
Instead, she stands out like a glorious statue in the middle of a war-torn slum
And is blissfully unaware of the watchful stares
At the mention of her name, those sapphire lasers flicker open in shock and dismay
In anger at being exposed and she bores holes into the one who drew the attention
With uncomprehending tears
She feels betrayed, embarrassed and looks away with a sigh and a flush
Closing her pretty eyes again as though her actions were an invisibility cloak
She can never see that she is beautiful
That insecure creature with a masque crazy glued in place
She doesn’t understand that when the masque lifts
That she shines like the devil dressed in Angel’s wings


Eveline Hood

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