The Sunny Side of The Path


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As I wandered down The Twisted Path, through the shadows and the gloom, I began to notice something that amazed me. I saw light; bright, and glowing, sunny, and warm. It snuck through the trees, through the crevasses, through the leaves. And I realized there were portions of The Path nearly luminous. As if they were lit from within. As I came upon such a peaceful stretch I noticed a smile, heard a voice, and opened my arms to the sister waiting to be seen. You should come and meet her, our Sunny. She brightens up more than The Path, she lightens up your life, she cheers your heart, and your soul will never be the same.
Siara Tyr


Can you see me now? by Sunny White

Comfort by Sunny White

Courage by Sunny White

I smile by Sunny White

I’ll by Sunny White






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