Giving In by Sarah Hunt

Small hands fisted into the dense thicket of jet black hair and the intense stare from his pale blue eyes drew her in. She was giving in; she knew it and hated it. She had fought so hard to keep her wits about her being around this man with the most perfect angular face. She wasn’t like the others, she knew it.
The woman was attracted to him but she never went crazy when he was around. He was more drawn to her because of it. As she stared at him now being so close and alone with him, watching his lip curl so famously into a handsome crooked smile she felt the breath she held hitch catching in her throat. He chuckled slightly while his strong and sure hands pulled her body flush with his. The intoxicating smell of his subtle cologne only pushed her deeper into submission and her pupils dilated being nose to nose with him.
Those powerful hands slowly made their way up her spine sending pleasant shivers all over her body. He took her by the neck pulling her mouth closer and she could taste his sweet breath invading the break in her lips leaning in further; the growing anticipation quickly turning to need. He smiled at her surrender, he had been chasing her long enough. It wasn’t something he was used to, but this pretty little thing was worth it. Now the chase was over, he leaned to meet her and their mouths crashed into one another. His full lips giving way to her hunger; a firm and sweet kiss started having given the man
full control and he took everything and more she had offered.
He pulled her into him further, drawing in her succulent breath. Gripping her arms firmly and he softly moved his mouth with hers. Sharing in this moment both had longed for was remarkable and seemed like forever to actually happen. For him it had been public, known to her and everyone around him. For her it had been an internal struggle to find out who he was, if he was this arrogant ladies’ man he was to his fans or the sweet teddy bear she knew in private. Gradually their lips parted leaving the woman speechless and weak in the knees clinging to him for support. Now she knew the stories were true, looking into those passionate light blue eyes again.
He smiled as he nuzzled into her neck moving to her ear and softly whispered in that baritone he was so known for, even his speech was like a song, “I love you, baby.”

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