The Twisted Path Group Collaborations


Love, Respect, Support and Encouragement


A Sweet Deal – A Collaboration




Passion kills – A Collaboration

The Party – A Collaboration 18+

Lunatic Shufflings – A Collaboration


The Artist – A Dark One – Divine Defiance Collaboration

Queen of Hell Collaboration

Queen of Hell – The Dark One – A Collaboration 

The Queen of Hell – Maiden’s Wrath – A Collaboration

Queen of Hell – Sacrifice – A Collaboration

Summoning Collaboration


The Summoning

Death Maiden – The Summoning

Death Maiden – Karma

 The Second Summoning



Death Maiden and Raven Collaborations


Death Maiden and Raven – Lessons

Raven and Death Maiden Lessons – Payback


Consortium of Fear

The Consortium of Fear Collaborations

The Consortium of Fear – First Entry

Consortium of Fear-Second Entry–THE BIRD SANCTUARY

The Consortium of Fear -Third Entry – Family Ties 


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