The Twisted Path – Founding Members



As a team, we forge ahead, with our heads high looking to the future. We are all part of The Deadly Sinners, The Dark Virtues as well as strong writers in our own respects.  Meet our founding members and those that serve on The Twisted Path’s Governing Board (alphabetical)


SlightlyAlicia Darby










idealismAlisha Wuthrich










80269Becky Grubaugh












the_twisted_path_group_queen_of_hellCarolyn Graham


Once upon a time I was a Princess locked in a tower overcome with heartbreak & sadness. It encompassed my entire world until one black day a skeletal knight on a pale horse freed me from my prison. He carried me away to a vast kingdom of darkness to reign as his Queen forever. Come wander the halls of Hell with me if you dare…it will only cost you your soul.










TDD_the_twisted_path_groupCathy Hennebury

 Devine Defiance is the dark virtue that lurks behind every steely eyed gaze, every rigid stance, every set of arms stubbornly crossed across the chest. She is fiercely independent and is never swayed by opinions of others. She strolls easily along The Twisted Path, at times in the company of her loved ones, the other dark virtues, and at other times alone. If you are brave enough to trail close enough behind to keep her in your sights, don’t be surprised to find yourself deep in the cool darkness of shadows that line the path or at dizzying heights looking down upon it, for Defiance follows her own compass and fears nothing.




Vigilante Valkyrie

Diana Evans

Once I roamed the halls of Valhalla, walking with the Gods, dispensing Justice. It was an honorable thing, being held in such high regard. I took great pride in my position. I believed myself to be fair. I believed that punishment should fit the crime regardless of who committed the offence. I was wrong. I dispensed Justice to the wrong person and was banished, sent to live among the mortals for all eternity, never to return home. I spent many years wandering, sad and alone, trying to figure out how to get back into good graces with the Gods. Time passed and my heart hardened. Then I discovered a group, my sisters of virtue. They took me in and now I roam the path passing my own dark Justice out. If the laws of man have failed you, just call my name…Vigilante Valkyrie…but only if you are prepared for darkness.


10411266_10201216146005380_6204882514771789056_nLesley Smith










Her Malevolent Majesty

 Known by many names, many titles, the person behind the words remains the same. Be she our Governess, or Death Maiden, she has always held herself to a higher standard than most. Most recently we have chosen a new name for her. Now she is to be known as Her Malevolent Majesty. She holds herself with poise, with elegance. However do not mistake this for anything more than simply manners. She has no remorse, she does not look back. Forward is her Path, and she leaves a trail of bodies, and hearts, along the way. With Scythe and her sisters she walks the path, observing, drinking it all in. She effects all she meets, if you are lucky she will end your suffering.




the_twisted_path_groupSiara Tyr

As the Silver Tongued Duchess Eloquence is my specialty. My prose flows like liquid silver from my fingertips. My words are honey to the unsuspecting ear. It matters not how much warning I, or others, give for you will believe every word I speak. You should though, believe as I say. For every word is truth even if there are variations to a theme. What you believe is your choice, your error.
If I love you, I will not lie to you.
If I do not, you are not worthy of a lie.
My mandate, my mantra, my truth. Believe what you will, trust who you must, but know this; the spoken, or written, word have far more power than we were lead to believe. And I can change your view on everything.



the_twisted_path_groupShelly Philemon

I was raised in a very peaceful environment. I had no siblings. There was no one to fight with, share with, or argue with. My family never argued, were always friendly to each other, and to others around them. As a result, I grew up to be a very polite, tactful, soft spoken woman. Through the years I have naturally had to suffer those less than respectful souls which we all must from time to time. There came a time when I met an entire family of such souls, one of whom my heart found itself deeply infatuated with. I soon found myself entangled dead in the center of a seemingly never-ending battle. Not a single one of them, from Grandmother all the way down to the smallest children, who would ALL tell you to go fuck yourself in a heartbeat, could be nice to you or to each other for more than just a matter of hours. They were loud, obnoxious, and rude. There was constant fighting within the bunch, whether it verbal or physical. Broken arms, ankles, stab wounds. They had no issue with using anyone they met, for anything they could get from them. Money, drugs, food…didn’t matter. Throughout my time living with this family, I stayed silent. As always, I am non-confrontational, so when an argument broke out, I stayed as far away as possible. The object of my affection seemed to be worlds different than those in his family, for a while. Soon, he became as rude, outspoken and self-centered as the rest, and all the fighting began to change me. It took years for me to break the hold he had on my heart, and break free. I was becoming someone I didn’t want to be. I fought and fought with myself to let go, so that I could return to my former tactful nature. As I was spiraling through the most difficult stage of letting go, I met yet another family, this one the exact polar opposite of the last. In the surroundings in which I now find myself, love, respect, support, and encouragement abound, along with loyalty, sincerity, and serenity. From our homes along The Twisted Path, my sisters and I govern, each of us with our own Virtue, to keep those less than acceptable souls in line. Should you find yourself in the presence of someone who could use an unforgettable, unmistakable lesson in TACT, take a stroll down The Path, I won’t be difficult to find……












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