The Seven Deadly Sinners

Introducing The Seven Deadly Sinners

A Sin-ful Tale

Meet my Sisters Vanity, Avarice, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Lust.  All have their talents, are admirable scribes, and the ability to turn you to the direction of your wants and desires.

Death Maiden



“Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win, seven holy paths to hell, and your trip begins

Seven downward slopes, seven bloodied hopes, seven are your burning fires, seven your desires…”



The Seven Deadly Sinners, seven scribes chosen to bring your darkest delights to the surface. Each one of our Sinners has their own flair,  drawing us along their paths of destruction, dragging us along as their Quills trace crimson across the pages. Allow me to introduce you…

 A most epic collaboration

Deadly Night, Sinners Delight – A Collaboration

Introducing The Seven Deadly Sinners

Pride we have have in our Maleficent Blood Damsel. A solid scribe who brings everything she has to the table with easy flowing glee, she will delight you with each stroke of her Quill. Entranced you will be with how she drifts into the Dark, only to emerge unscathed into the Light.

 Maleficent Blood Damsel – Sister Vanity @di_evans

Introducing Vanity

Bitterness Kills

I Love Men


The End of an Era; Raven and Leo’s Final Hunt

Raven meets Death Maiden

Lesson One: Treasure

Raven and Death Maiden – Lessons

Hail the Dark King

The Cove

Table 3-27

Avarice comes in many forms, as our First Lady of Grue has shown us time and time again. With her erotic scribings she has brought to the surface all that we expect, always dressed in darkness. A strong writer in her genre, she is sure to bring shades of pleasureable tenebrocity to this Deadly Grouping.


First Lady of Grue – Sister Avarice @LesleySmith41


His Chosen Bride

The Black Tie Affair

The Black Tie Affair (cont)

The Black Tie Affair Chapter 2 ( THE ROSES )

The Black Tie Affair Chapter 3 (The Game)

A Stroke On Canvas

A Gentle Stirring

Your Written World

Sweet Release

Our Bloody Rose is a thoughtful and precise scribe that bleeds us dry through her prose. There is an elegance to her story telling that makes us want to be there, to experience each and every excruitiating moment. As Wrath, she will surely make our hearts rage.


Marquise de Sang – Sister Wrath @AliciaDarby



The Bloody Bride by Bloody Rose

The Bloody Bride Part 2

Known throughout our Family for her unerring honesty, Baleful Blood Damsel brings to the table a box of obscurity, filled with mystery and dread. Always speaking truth, as she weaves us a tale shrouded in obscurity. As Gluttony, a promise of a buffet of delights is sure to please the mind.


Baleful Blood Damsel-Sister Gluttony 





A Whole New World pt 1

 A Whole New World pt 2

A Whole New World – Chapter 3 – Marbas

A Whole New World – Chapter 4

Should you ever run into Sister Sloth, I guarantee you that she may feign indifference, but you certainly won’t be lacking.  If her strength doesn’t hold you captive her dark scribes will, not to mention the fierce erotic writing style that will leave you begging for more.


Sister Sloth @CathyHennebury

Visit the Cathouse for Erotic Stories 18+

I Am Sloth

Stories from Sister Sloth: I am Sloth

Stories from Sister Sloth – Gillian


In the depths of her soul hides the darkness of our Crimson Duchess, in plain sight you will not realize the journey she has taken you on until it is too late. Her talent speaks volumes as to her character, yet the only Envy we see is in how she delights the eye and shocks the mind with her prose.


Crimson Duchess  – Sister Envy @SiaraTyr

Envy Is My Name



Choose Your Destiny #8



Are You There?

4 Years


Such talent is our Crimson Princess, with her ability to turn the visions of Hell into a Lustful adventure. She leads us by the hand, into the vespers of the night, striking fear into our hearts, before once again showing us the light. Lust comes in many forms, and she delights in exposing us to them all.


Crimson Princess @cagraham68

I Am Lust    BloodLust

 Death’s Soliloquy 


Welcome Home

Kindred Spirits

I’m Not Ready

Crimson Oasis



My Old Flame

The Pit of Fire

Death’s Gift




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